January 6th, 2006



So...because I owe David an explanation...I've had a headache for almost forty-eight hours. I don't like using the "m" word in relation to headaches, the same way I don't like using the "wb" word in relation to writing, but, yeah, that's what this is. The "m" word. Wednesday it was merely bad. Yesterday it turned truly nasty on me. It's still here, digging through my right eye into my brain, or out of my brain through my right eye. Frell me if I can tell the difference. Anyway, that's why I can't be counted on to accurately report who won the Nicky Hilton (yuck) challenge on Project Runway this week, even when I know. Anyway, let's talk about something else.

I am very glad to say that I wrote 0 words yesterday. Okay. That's a lie. I did two long blog entries and an entry in my pen-and-paper journal, and an e-mail to my agent and another one to my editor, and one to Peter Straub and another to Steve Jones...oh, and one to Jada...but it is true that I wrote 0 words of fiction yesterday. That'll just have to do.

Though I'd meant to read yesterday, I mostly did other things, instead. Spooky lured me out of the apartment to go see the dinosaur on Sinclair Avenue. I thought she was making it up, just to make me get out of the apartment. But, no, there is, indeed, a dinosaur on Sinclair Avenue. I'll post photos tomorrow, since today I'm posting more photos from the aquarium, as per yesterday's promise. Anyway, after the dinosaur we walked down to the North Highland Pub, where I seriously considered having a couple or three pints...but wiser heads prevailed. Which means Spooky said no. On the way home, we saw a plumbing truck, and the company's name was DinoSewer, which was a nice drop of coincidence, since we'd just visited the dinosaur on Sinclair Avenue. It was a brisk walk, as the weather was much cooler than on Wednesday, and it made my ears ache and my fingers numb, but it was nice, all the same. We discovered from a flier on a telephone pole that Sugar, the white cat who lives on the street in back of Junkman's Daughter at L5P and whom Spooky knows, is missing. I think fairies are behind it. We talked about the architecture of sidewalks. It was all very nice (well, except for the fairies having catnapped Sugar). Back home, we caught the last two eps of the first half of Season Two of Battlestar Galactica, which means we're now ready for the new ep tonight. After dinner, we watched Miyazaki's Spirited Away and Princess Mononoke on TCM. They're showing Hayao Miyazaki films every Thursday night in January. I truly adore Princess Mononoke, and Spooky had never seen Spirited Away. And that was my second day off. Neither sucked, which is unusual, as my days off are usually disasters.

Today, we must read all the way through "Bainbridge," start to finish, and then I'll make whatever edits need making. And frell, I still haven't sent it off to Ted Naifeh. So, yeah, I'll be doing that as well. Yesterday, when I told my agent it had gone to almost 16K words, she said "wow." Wow, indeed. After the edits, it may be a little longer still.

Okay. Now for more aquarium pictures (behind the cut):

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