January 3rd, 2006


the light at THE END

Okay. This morning I know that I have a hangover.

A good writing day yesterday. I did 1,268 words (bringing the total to 14,263) and finished the thirteenth section. "XIII. The Weaver's Retreat" was especially taxing, but I think I did right by it. And for anyone who hasn't already figured it out, yes, "Bainbridge" is the story that links all the Dancy Flammarion stories to the hemispherical world of Murder of Angels (currently available from Amazon.com for only $4.99, by the way). I can only hope that I've not been overly ambitious with this story. It's a piece that's trying to interweave three narrative threads, two Southern Gothic and one something resembling "traditional" fantasy. At least if I fail, it will be what the Bear recently referred to as an "ambitious failure." I very much need to contact Ted today and see how his work on the art for Alabaster is progressing.

Afterwards, after all the writing, it was late and the sun was setting. But it was warm enough outside to open a window in the living room. I dressed hastily for a walk to the park. There were brilliant clouds, great cumulus Maxfield Parish clouds — enormous, roiling banks of pink and orange, blue-grey, purple, bluish-white, patches of what I can only describe as a cotton-candy blue green. Spooky took a bunch of cloud photos. It was warm enough that I was able to wear my biker jacket over a tank top, instead of having to bundle up in wool. Sadly, I knew the gorgeous cloudbank was being pushed away west by cold Canadian air. I tried to call them back, but rearranging clouds and halting the advance of a cold front is entirely beyond my magickal abilities (or anyone else's, for that matter). But I called to them anyway. I told them I was on their side. There were flashes of lightning deep within the clouds, and I pretended they were answering me. We stayed until the last of the sunset tints faded from the highest of the clouds. Today, it's cold again.

Spooky and I were awakened night before last by one of the loudest thunderclaps I've ever heard. I'd meant to mention that yesterday and forgot. It was wonderful.

Okay. It's time to announce the winner of December's monster doodle sculpture (MDS #5), the Nebari ice skipper. It is (drum roll) Elizabeth Harrington. Presumably she's reading this. Elizabeth, Spooky needs your snail-mail address. Please send it to her at zquid_zoup@yahoo.com, and she'll get your monster into the mail ASAP. See? This is what comes of subscribing to Sirenia Digest. Free monster doodle sculptures.

Spooky's finished the "cozy" slipcase for Frog Toes and Tentacles letter X. It'll go up on eBay in the next hour or two. No "buy it now." Bids only. This will be a ten-day auction. There are photos behind the cut. The bag is black crushed velvet lined with red silk. The letter X is hand embroidered. I cut the fabric, and Spooky did the design and all the sewing. The winning bid will also get a copy of the chapbook, False Starts. Click here to go directly to the item.

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And, of course, there are other goodies up at eBay. Like The Dry Salvages and one of our last remaining copies of In the Garden of Poisonous Flowers (illustrated and signed by Dame Darcy). And there's Sirenia Digest. Click here to subscribe now and be eligible for the next mds giveaway, coming later this month! Stop being a slacker.

By the way, if there are people on my friends list who live in or are familiar with the Salem/Marblehead area of Massachusetts, drop me an e-mail (at lowredmail@mac.com). I know kambriel is in Salem, but I don't know about anyone else. This will be our last year in Atlanta. I'm sick of living in the South, and I'm sick of living in a city with no identity beyond a common desire by its inhabitants to make money. Really. I've been amazed, reading Poppy's post-K entries, how New Orleans has behaved like a community of people instead of like a place where a whole bunch of people just happen to live. If Atlanta were struck by a disaster, I really doubt you would see people fighting to stay. Anyway, yeah, I'm interested in Salem and Marblehead.

Spooky and I finished Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban last night. I almost forgot to mention that. I enjoyed it muchly. Okay. Today I'm going to finish this story...

Addendum: In which I have reached THE END.

At about 6 p.m. (Caitlín Standard Time), I finally finished the first draft of "Bainbridge." It is done. Now I get a couple of days off, the first real days-off I've had in weeks. Spooky's taking me to the Georgia Aquarium tomorrow (you'll recall that I didn't get to go on Xmas). There will be fish. And squids. And stuff. My thanks to everyone who has so far offered their advice regarding a possible move to Salem, MA, especially kambriel, who has very kindly promised to introduce us to the city firsthand. Now I'm gonna go lie on my face. Literally. Tonight, I may drown in my own drool.

Oh, and that weirdness with Amazon.com supposedly selling Murder of Angels for only $4.99 was a screw-up on Amazon's part, the best one they've pulled on me since they claimed that I wrote Neil's book Stardust. I e-mailed my editor today, who, equally baffled, e-mailed the Amazon rep, who said it was all a big mistake. So. Apologies. No $4.99 copies of MoA. It still has all that "bargain price" nonsense up, but trust me, it lies. I have been assured that this will not negatively impact sales. What sales? Ha, ha, ha, ha...oh, whatever.

Oh, and here's the link to letter X of Frog Toes and Tentacles and its sumptuous "cozy." Have a look. Crushed velvet and red silk. Oooooooooooo.