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E is for Europa (but the icon is Mars)

Four good, productive days in a row. Can I make that five? Stranger things have happened. Yesterday, I wrote 2,290 words and finished the vignette I began on Monday, the Kelpie vignette, the one that isn't titled "Bridle" but for which I haven't yet found a suitable replacement title. It came to a total of 2,524 words. The trip to the park on Monday seems to have helped a great deal. It fixed the place in my head, in my mind's eye. I have some doubt as to whether the second vignette for Sirenia Digest #3 shall come as easily. I don't even like chocolate very much. I suppose that makes this challenging. After all the writing and a hot bath and some leftover chili, Spooky and I read through Chapter Two of Daughter of Hounds, which is quite a bit better than I remember. A little distance between me and anything I've written is always a good thing. Not too much, though. More than a couple of years and I can scarce bear to even look at something I've written. But, presently, I am pleased with DoH. It's conflicts and stark contrasts. Emmie and Soldier, Odd Willie Lothrop and Saben White. Very few edits were needed in Chapter Two ("Soldier"). The work ended at about 10 p.m. last night.

Something I meant to mention yesterday, but it slipped past me. On Monday, while we were reading Chapter One, I found, on page 98 of the ms., a note I made to myself last year on or not long after January 3rd. 4:28 p.m., and something about my mother having called to tell me that my grandmother was dead. It was a shock, coming across it all this time later, all this time that seems hardly any time at all. The note, in red ink, and an arrow to the place I stopped writing that day, as soon as the phone call came.

I didn't leave the house yesterday.

So, this Amazon Connect thing went live today. You can see my author's page by clicking here, and there's a link from all my books.

My head is in too many dark places this morning (it is still morning, wow). Dark places and thoughts too vast for my mind. Sometimes, to use a simile as crudely as ever anyone has, I feel like a drinking straw that someone's trying to shove a watermelon through. But this is not the time or place, not the confluence of time and place, to go on some rant about people who mistake magick for technology (or vice versa) or the folly of trying to contain the goddess within some mythic, merely sentient, anthropomorphic form. It's not even the place to start in about the things I dreamt last night. All that can wait for some warmer, later day...
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