December 12th, 2005


Cillia and Succubi?

Last week, the advance check for the Italian edition of Threshold finally arrived from my agent in NYC. After the deduction of bank charges, foreign tax, my agent's commission, and the foreign-rights subagent's commission, there's hardly enough left over to have made all that wrangling with the IRS (to prove to Italy that I'm an American citizen) worth the frelling trouble. Never mind that I still have to pay income tax on it. It's not that I'm in this for the money, this writing, but neither am I in it for the poverty. Writing is one of those rare professions where it's considered bad form to bemoan low pay and a lack of benefits, long hours and difficult working conditions. It's sort of like being a priest or a mime, in that regard. Lots of people, especially non-writers, unpublished or wannabe writers, and writers who have other sources of income, seem to think it's unseemly to suggest that writers actually need to eat and pay their bills and crazy shit like that. "Isn't it enough just to be published and read?" they ask, feigning innocence or exhibiting genuine ignorance. "Isn't the sheer joy of writing a sufficient end unto itself?", it isn't. More's the fucking pity. Anyway...

Fortunately, I have eBay to keep my mind off these things. For instance, I ask you, how can anyone gaze upon the Cthulhu dildo cozy and be plagued by any worldly concern or worry? Thanks be to the Bear for that one.

I've decided that sometime in the next few weeks the old CRK phorum will be closing its virtual doors. Something, most likely the advent of LJ, has led to a steep decline in the number of posts over the last three years, and I'd rather not have it sitting about gathering dust. I'm going to try to have the whole thing archived. I've often lamented the fact that all the entries from the phorum's previous incarnation, when it was hosted by, were not archived. Anyway, my thanks to Sissy and Kat for hosting the phorum the last couple of years and to everyone who took part. I'm hoping that people will look at the Species of One Community here at LJ as a suitable replacement, if a replacement is desired. My apologies if you don't have access to LJ (though I would imagine that most people do).

Let me know when your copies of Frog Toes and Tentacles begin to arrive. You should be getting them any day now.

Dorky sidebar: I think the neatest thing about playing a half-celestial paladin in D&D is the whole using the laying on of hands healing power to inflict damage upon the undead. Yesterday, we were being menaced by some crazy-ass death knight creature. I simply placed my hands on its shoulders, invoked Pelor, and the damned thing's head imploded. Pop. Just like that. Pretty drad. Too bad real magick isn't half this useful...

A couple of people have written to ask me about my Amazon wishlist and Xmas. No, I do not recognize or observe Xmas. But, ironically, I do recognize gifts, if you're so inclined. Just consider them Solstice gifts, instead of gifts commemorating the day on which Jesus wasn't born. At any rate, yeah, there's a wishlist here. And, yeah, Spooky has one, too, right here. Or just send money. Whichever. To be perfectly honest, we've both been pretty naughty this year.

Horridly unpleasant things await me, and it's time to get on with the day. But please have a look at the eBay auctions. Thanks!