December 7th, 2005


slang and euphemism

It a very chilly 38F (33F when you factor in windchill) here in Atlanta, and right now I'm wishing that I were somewhere winter never touches. It's that blue sky, more than anything. No clouds, no haze. Just that abominable shade of blue that goes on and on forever. Anyway...

Not a lot to be said for yesterday. Mostly, it went pretty much as I expected it to go. Today will likely be more difficult. As I've said, I'm not a reductionist, at least not as a writer, so this whole thing's like pulling teeth. There was a little more weirdness than I'd expected, though, as I ended up spending much of the afternoon researching the Bohemian Grove, bouncing from one conspiracy website to another, trying to divide fact for fantasy, evidence from paranoia, and also trying not the think about flabby old Republican men running about buck naked in the woods of Sonoma County, California, worshiping Molech, pissing on redwoods, and having sex with nubile young boys. Blegh. If only I could scrub my brain with Brillo pads. Burning Man for the tyrants of the New World Order. It frells with the mind. As the day wore on, I found the whole thing harder and harder to simply dismiss out of hand.

Copies of Frog Toes and Tentacles were just deposited on my front porch. What a beautiful, beautiful book. I'm so very happy that I took this project on. This may be the prettiest book I've ever done, thanks largely to the patient talent of Vince Locke. If you pre-ordered, you should be getting your copy very soon.

Last night, we watched Cosmos, one of my favourite episodes, "Encyclopedia Galactica." The Rosetta Stone, The Drake/Greenbank Equation, SETI, etc.

My thanks to Leh'agvoi, for sending me a marvelous pirate Nar'eth pin-up for Hopefully, I can get it uploaded this evening.

That's probably it for now. Time to remake the batter which might someday become doughnuts. Please have a look at the current eBay auctions. Thanks.