November 6th, 2005



Yesterday, I wrote 991 words on Chapter Ten of Daughter of Hounds. And though I missed the 1,200-word mark I was aiming for, I had a plot epiphany of the sort that I rarely have. I'm very good with style. I'm great with characterization. Setting's a breeze. But plot, which, for me, is usually the least interesting aspect of a story, drives me nuts. Yesterday, though, I solved a puzzle that has plagued me since I began the novel, and it instantly tied together a number of loose threads. So, it was a Very Good Writing Day. And it was such even though I remained stuck in the tremendous chaos of soup cans created by Thursday's "bad shopping cart" experience.

Shannon Hennessy has written a very nice review of To Charles Fort, With Love for Flames Rising, which you may read by clicking here. By the way, word from subpress is that the collection is down to the last two hundred or so copies. The lettered edition has been sold out for weeks, and it looks as though the trade edition may soon follow suit.

Yesterday afternoon, when the writing was done, we took Sophie back to the park. And this time there's photographic evidence:

Me and Sophie (11/5/05)

Yes, it's true. I was so fried from writing that I lay down in the grass and stared at the wispy clouds and the blue sky and the sliver of waxing moon until I dozed off and Spooky took advantage of the situation. Spooky's gonna post more park photos in her LJ sometime today, I think.

Though there's so much I need to be reading right now, a day of writing leaves me with no desire whatsoever to read. So, I watch television or play videogames, anything where the words are hidden from view. I was fairly pleased with Before the Dinosaurs. The creature design and animation were generally quite good, even if the narration kept dropping tidbits of erroneous information here and there. My favourite was when we were told how "gastropods" are stones that some reptiles (and birds) swallow to aid in digestion. Of course, what they meant were gastroliths ("stomach stones") not gastropods (snails). And, of course, Before the Dinosaurs was plagued by the usual sort of pop science foibles that one encounters in palaeo' documentaries. I so wish that filmmakers who desire to engage in highly speculative flights of fancy regarding the behaviour of extinct organisms would please, please, please explain that these scenarios are often, at best, guesses with no hard data to support them. Such things make for dramatic television, but are rarely preserved in the fossil record. Also, it would be nice if someone could convince filmmakers that "early" does not equal "primitive," that "primitive" is a value laden term best avoided in evolutionary biology, and that just because organism X is currently the oldest known example of its genus or class or whatever does not mean that it's okay to refer to it as the "first" X. But otherwise, yes, it was a cool show. Turns out, the Discovery Channel was running palaeo' programming all day and night long. Poor, silly creationists. No equal time for you!

Afterwards, we watched four more eps of the original The Outer Limits: "ZZZZ," "The Invisibles," "The Bellero Shield," and "The Children of Spider County." On the whole, I've not been extremely impressed with TOL. Usually, it manages to be goofy fun, but little else. However, "The Bellero Shield," based on a short story by Arthur Zagat, was actually very good. The cast helped: Sally Kellerman, Martin Landau, Neil Hamilton, and Chita Rivera. I'm hoping there will be more episodes of this caliber.

I'm going to try to have enough energy left after writing today to spend the evening helping Spooky set up a webpage so that we can begin accepting subscriptions for the monthly erotic vignette subscription service (I love MERVISS, but it just won't do, I fear). I see HTML and Red Bull in my future. Presently, we have a whoppin' 105 people who have expressed interest. Also, a few people have asked if I might occasionally include non-erotic fiction, and yes, I likely shall, from time to time, usually in the form of previews of new short stories or novels. Meanwhile, please have a look at our current eBay auctions. Thanks!

P.S. — Yes, Blogger is still frelled.