October 25th, 2005


back on track

Yesterday, I did 1,034 words on Chapter Nine of Daughter of Hounds. The book moves towards terrible, wonderful, momentous events.

Anything else worth mentioning about yesterday? Here in Atlanta, the weather was cold, cloudy, and blustery. Suddenly, it's Halloween weather. While I wrote, Spooky stocked up on candy for trick-or-treaters. Later, she and I took a walk, then went to Whole Foods, where the pumpkins are piled high and ridiculously cheap this year. Our porch is now festooned with seven pumpkins, which is the most I've ever had on one Halloween. This evening, we need to break out the sharp things and give two or three of them faces. Spooky made a big pot of chili for dinner (with lime, tequila, and porta bella mushrooms). We watched three more eps of The Outer Limits, including the unintentionally hilarious "Tourist Attraction" (think The Creature From the Black Lagoon meets Reptilicus) and the somewhat more effective "The Borderland" and "The Zanti Misfits." Then I played Final Fantasy X until my eyes started crossing. Tidus, Rikku, and Wakka defeated a sewer dragon, and then Yuna, Auron, and Lulu (*sigh*) kicked Maester Seymour's butt (again).

When I posted the photos of Patrick, the Stelliform Horror (aka, MDS #4) yesterday, I neglected to mention that I embedded a Devonian-aged horn coral inside this sculpture (a fossil sent me by David Kirkpatrick and his daughter). So, this MDS has a truly ancient heart. Oh, and a special "thank you" to Gordon. He knows why.

Spooky and I need to finish Something Wicked This Way Comes so we can begin Gregory Maguire's Son of a Witch, which we have both been eagerly anticipating. It's nice to have someone to read aloud to, and to read aloud to me. This, I believe, is one of the hallmarks of a healthy relationship.

Today, I also hope to begin editing Threshold for the new mass-market paperback edition. So, time to get started on this day. Please, please have a look at the eBay auctions. Snag a book (or two) if something catches your eye. Thanks!

A second erotica poll.

So. The last few days I've been thinking about how much I enjoyed writing the vignettes for Frog Toes and Tentacles, and Spooky and I had an idea which we've been kicking about. How many people would be interested in a subscription service where, for a mere $10 a month, they'd receive two new vignettes (plus probably artwork and assorted extras), which they would get via e-mail in PDF form. I'd be limiting the project to only 125 subscribers, because I'm not sure we could handle any more than that, and the service would probably begin early in 2006, in January or February. There are a lot of details left to work out, but first I wanted to do as I did on February 5th, when I posted the poll that led to FT&T, and see what sort of interest there might be in such a project.

Poll #598169 A second erotica poll.

Would you be interested if I were to begin a subscription service whereby each subsciber, for only $10/month, received two new erotic vignettes (plus artwork and other bonuses) each month in PDF form?