October 24th, 2005



Yesterday, the Long Neglect of Daughter of Hounds ended at last. I started out making some corrections and revisions to the existing pages for Chapter Nine, but that felt entirely too much like the not-writing of pitches and proposals, so, after about an hour or so, I started writing new stuff. I only did 758 words, but it's a very good scene (in the old natural history museum in Roger Williams Park). It put me back on track. My anxiety, that I might have screwed the novel up by setting it aside for a month, has mostly vanished. I'll do more than a thousand words today. With any luck, Chapter Nine will be done by Wednesday evening. And that will only leave Chapter Ten and perhaps an epilogue (though this could be my first novel without an epilogue).

All in all, yesterday was a good day. No drama. No annoying phone calls. A wonderful hot bath. Last night, we had dinner with friends (Fellini's in Candler Park), and, despite the cold, we sat talking for a long time after we finished eating (Feillini's is a renovated gas station, with concrete floors and big roll-up garage doors that really should have been kept shut last night). We talked about, let's see, Shane McGowan, Elvis Costello, Battlestar Galactica, Casey Kasem, our vanished days of excessive drinking, '70s fashion, and, mostly, D&D (because we are, truly, dorks). Back home, Spooky and I gorged on episodes of the original The Outer Limits (thanks to Videodrome). A good day.

Has anyone else ever noticed that lemon-flavoured Pez tastes like lemon-flavoured Froot-Loops?

Here's some news I've been holding back for a bit. Next year (I don't have the exact date yet), Roc will be releasing Threshold as a mass-market paperback. At that time, the trade paperback will go out of print. This is the editing project I've alluded to, as I've been given the opportunity of revising the novel for the new edition. There are numerous typos and a few factual and continuity errors in the original text, and I'm glad for the opportunity, but the revisions are due December 1st and procrastination and other fiends have left me with barely more than a month to get all that work done (and, simultaneously, finish DoH).

And, finally, Monster Doodle Sculpture #3, Patrick, the Stelliform Horror, is finished (and will be mailed to its winner tomorrow)! Photos behind the cut. I'm very pleased with the results (if I do say so myself); I'll be beginning the auction for MDS#4 sometime this week.

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And now an e-mail:

I've been arguing with my girlfriend about the correct pronunciation of "Nar'eth" and I'm hoping you'd be willing to tell me if it's "NAIR-ith" or "NARR-eth. — Frank B.

Sebaceans and English-speaking yumens most often pronounce Nar'eth as 'nair-ith, though, in truth, 'när-eth ("Nar" as in narwhal and "eth" as in "ethnography") is closer to the Nebari Standard pronunciation. To begin to approach the true Nebari pronunciation, however, one must replace the "r" with a glottal click, indicated by the apostrophe, which I've found is very difficult for the yumen palate to manage. And, as that was my grand geek moment of the day, I must now drink my coffee and get the frell to work...

Postscript — My strong suspicion that Faye S. Lewis, the Amazon.com "reviewer" who accused me of uncorrupting Poppy, was in fact the bitter, irrational entity that I recalled from alt.books.pzb was confirmed yesterday afternoon. I knew it. I never forget a crank.