October 22nd, 2005


eating crow

I neglected to mention yesterday that the Halloween Pez dispenser Spooky gave me glows in the dark.

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We got a wonderful thunderstorm last night, and the first truly cool weather of the season this morning. It makes Spooky happy. She can wear "real clothes" again, she says.

As for Final Fantasy X, I have defeated the great dragon guarding Bevelle, fought my way through Maester Seymour's guards and machina, and watched Yuna's plunge from the tower. This game continues to delight, even if I'm not always sure why. Truthfully, I'm quite certain that I spend too much time pondering the whys of things like this. Sometimes, you just have to let go and accept that a thing is fun, just because. Too bad I couldn't have figured that out twenty frelling years ago. And speaking of FFX, my thanks to mr_graig for the new icon!