September 25th, 2005


I can't exist, so I can't explain

So, yeah, Serenity opens September 30th (that's next Friday), and I hope that you'll be in the audience somewhere on opening weekend. As with Farscape: The Peacekeeper Wars, the Serenity film is an opportunity for a story to excel because it's good and worthy of being told, not because it happens to pull in a high rating on the antiquated and meaningless Nielsens. I like to think it's the beginning of a new age of television, wherein a series that has been deemed unprofitable by the execs can not only survive beyond cancellation, but, because there are fans, thrive and continue the story it began. Also, 'scapers take note: a good box-office showing for Serenity will greatly increase the chances that Farscape will eventually make it to the big screen. Steal the banner below and link it to the trailer (click the banner to reach the trailer).

What was yesterday? Well, it wasn't work on Chapter Nine of Daughter of Hounds, but it was work, good work on one of those Other Things, and when I was done, I still had enough energy to tackle the kitchen pantry, which has needed a good cleaning out for many months. Nobody needs fifteen frelling telephone books hidden away in a pantry. Afterwards, we went to the market, and then I made pizza with fresh basil and roma tomatoes and porta bella mushrooms. We watched another Hammer film, The Brides of Dracula (1960), which has always been one of my favorites, and then I played a couple of hours of Final Fantasy X. I watched the middle half hour or so of Spencer Tracy and Katharine Hepburn in Sea of Grass (1947). I kept wanting to read, but, as is often the case after working, found that I didn't have the necessary concentration. That was yesterday.

Richard A. Kirk, who has provided illustrations for Tales of Pain and Wonder, From Weird and Distant Shores, Wrong Things, and To Charles Fort, With Love (as well as illustrations for Clive Barker and China Mieville), now has a LJ, richard_a_kirk. Have look.

Beginning today, and continuing for the next seven days or until I've sold eleven copies, I'm offering Silk for the truly absurdly low price of only $2.50 (plus p&h). It's listed in the current eBay auctions. Hopefully, people who've never, ever read my work will snag a copy super cheap, like it, then buy something new at Barnes and Noble, Borders, Amazon, etc. However, on the other hand, if you take advantage of this offer and get one of these copies, hate the book, then write a snotty review for Amazon, you deserve the death of a thousand snarling weasels. So, choose wisely...
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