September 10th, 2005


Elysium Planitia

Somehow, I allowed yesterday to slip between my fingers, or I breathed it out when I was meant to inhale. Either way, it's gone now. And I made nothing much of the time. I didn't write. I think I'm actually afraid of finishing this book. Don't ask me why, because I'm not yet sure. What did I do yesterday? I can hardly recall. I walked to A Capella books in L5P (these days, I need all the exercise I can get) and picked up some books to send to Poppy, who wanted me to send her books more than anything else. I went ahead and sent her care package number one yesterday, figuring all the massages from fans can go into number two. It was mostly a stack of paperbacks — Ramsey Campbell, Thomas Harris, Neil Gaiman, John Steinbeck, Carson McCullers, and etc. A few silly things I'd picked up at Junkman's Daughter thinking she and Chris might get a laugh from them. I did that. I ate an apple for lunch. Late in the afternoon, I beat Spooky at Scrabble. Sophie's diabetes is acting up again, and Spooky spent much of the day plotting a glucose curve on her. I read "Nemesis," a poem by Lovecraft. But no, I didn't write. One or another or several of the Nine Seven Deadly Sins is to be blamed, I'm sure.

We had a good Kid Night, though I sort of felt as if I didn't really deserve it, not having written and all. We watched It Came from Beneath the Sea (actually a very funny movie it you watch it just the right way) and Men in Black II. After four films by Herzog and the one by Kar Wai Wong, after five nights of subtitles, I had an intense need for visual junk food. Oh, and I also watched a Biography Channel thing about the life of Andre the Giant, which was rather sad. Late, I finished Final Fantasy X-2 sooner than expected. I completed 62% of the game in 38 point something or another hours. Yuna, Paine, and Rikku defeated Suyin and Vegnagun, and I was left wanting more. Despite the insipid music and the sugary, goofy dialogue, this was perhaps the closest I've ever come to playing a movie — though, at the opposite end of the cute spectrum, The Chronicles of Riddick: Escape from Butcher's Bay is probably tied for this distinction. And that's really what I want from a video game. I don't want a game. Games bore me. I want a story. I want to play a movie. I suppose I'll play Final Fantasy X next. I'll probably grab a used copy cheap off eBay. Who the frell would ever have thought that I'd become addicted to Final Fantasy? Oh, the shame.

I have a message from Stephen King to pass along to Poppy. That feels almost as strange as having become addicted to Final Fantasy.

We have entered Day Four of Hideous Construction Noise across the street. I'd hoped the painters would be taking the weekend off, but no. The perpetual dentist-drill sound of the paint scrapers is loud and clear.

Well...anyway. I should go try to write.
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