September 4th, 2005


call it what you will

Yesterday, I did a very decent 1,359 words on Daughter of Hounds. Today, I should find the end of Chapter Eight. It will have taken me eleven days, whereas Chapter Seven took only seven days. I think there's enough action in Chapter Eight for two books, but still I know there will be people who insist that the book is "slow" and "nothing happens" and that it "has no plot." Actually, since this book is pretty much devoid of gay characters (there's one minor character towards the start who's a lesbian), I don't know what people are going to have to complain about. They'll find something. That's what they do. Seriously, I hope this book is well received. It's going to be the best one I've written, I'm starting to think.

Also, we proofed the galleys for The Damned Little Book of Days chapbook. It was a busy day. After dinner, we had a long walk in the dark. There was a hint of autumn in the air, and this morning there's a little more than a hint. It makes Spooky happy. I read Robert Reed's short story, "The Dragons of Summer Gulch," a neat sort of alternate history involving vertebrate paleontologists and fossil poachers. And I managed to get another decent night's sleep.

And, for the record, Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff is a goddamned liar. I continue to be amazed at the willingness of the Bush Administration to lie to the American people and to do so in the most transparant, careless fashion. I also continue to be amazed that it's tolerated...

Once again, if you are able and wish to help with the relief efforts, please contact the American Red Cross.
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