August 13th, 2005


This Only Song I Know. (Part 1.5 or contd. or whatever)

Lately, the things that I've been saying here have been drawing a little more attention and flak in other online journals than I'm accustomed to my entries attracting. It seems to have begun with my entry of July 24th and the remarks I made about a Kirkus reviewer describing Anansi Boys as "self-indulgent," then continued with my remarks on August 7th regarding the value of Entertainment Weekly book reviews and yesterday's response to readers who complain about "unlikable" characters in my books. I have no wish to become involved in some sort of interblog flamewar, but there are some things I'd like to say. To wit, a response to comments made by Catherine M. Morrison (chance88088), who has incorrectly identified herself as the primary inspiration for what I wrote yesterday (and be aware that there may be spoilers):

Collapse )

I've had enough of this for one afternoon. I should have been indulging my self-interests and writing. I might have at least managed some rambling nonsense here about Kid Night, blueberry muffins, the sticky weather, feathered Chinese tyrannosaurids, and Final Fantasy X-2. More's the pity.
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After my most recent part in the ongoing wankery about likable characters and whether or not reviewers/critics who resort to the phrase self-indulgent should be allowed to keep their fingers, I'm feeling a little guilty for actually writing about writing in a blog devoted to my writing. So, as a remedy, I offer Christopher Walken — the next President of these United States. Frell yeah.

Also, here's a little utter foolishness. Though, I suppose Steve Alten (or his agent or publisher) is to be commended for coming up with such an imaginative, I mean promotional strategy.
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