August 9th, 2005


still sticky

This morning, I'm not in the best disposition I've ever been in, but, on the other tentacle, I'm not in the worst, either. I, too, am capable of looking on the bright side. Beware, the slippery slope towards optimism.

I have been asked by Subterranean Press to relay the information that all those who purchase the limited edition of Frog Toes and Tentacles (there's a limited and a trade edition) will also receive a free chapbook, False Starts, which contains a number of vignettes I'd intended for FT&T but, for one reason or another, was never able to finish. Oh, and I did the cover, too.

I got word yesterday from Candlewick Press that Gothic!: Ten Original Dark Tales, which contains my Starling Jane short story, "The Dead and the Moonstruck," and which was originally released in hardback, is being released this month as a trade paperback. The new cover is much better than the original, I think. It's a great anthology of dark YA fiction, and includes stories by Gregory Maguire, Neil Gaiman, Garth Nix, the late Joan Aiken, M. T. Anderson, and others. Check it out.

Not much else this morning. I am going to repost one of the Monster Doodle Sculpture #1 images, as I really frelling love this little guy, and he has to be mailed off to his rightful owners today.

*sniff* *snorfle*

Final Fantasy X-2 is devouring mine and Spooky's lives. Oh, the pink, pink evil. I've played something like 19% of the game so far, making it into Chapter Two, and I paused yesterday to consider how many hours of my life are being dumped into this silliness. So far, about 10 hours, and I'm not quite 20% through, which means I could wind up spending 50+ hours on this thing (assuming that the rate of play remains constant throughout). And already I'm wanting to play Final Fantasy X. Help. This is even worse than my bout with Morrowind. It wouldn't be so bad, if Yuna just...wouldn' And sing.

Now, go forth to our eBay auctions and bid or buy. There's another copy of The Worm in My Mind's Eye up. Our supply of this chapbook is very, very limited. You snooze, you lose.
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