August 2nd, 2005


Of Booksluts and slutty books.

Most writers have very dull lives. This is a true thing. The lives of most writers do not, in general, make for particularly interesting copy. I am constantly encountering people who think otherwise. Many of them want to be writers, and they say things to me like, "It must be so interesting, being a writer." Which is to say, yesterday was dull as dishwater, yet filled with writerly stuff, just like the day before, just like the day before that, etc. and etc. Yesterday's grand moment of suspense was learning whether or not Wolf Camera on Highland (we gave up on Wolf over in Decatur) had finally managed to crop the author's photo for To Charles Fort, With Love as per my request — having failed four times previously. They hadn't. And there's no more time to try to make them do it properly, so the photo that appears on the jacket of the collection will be almost as I wished it to be. Would that I could get away with doing a half-assed job. It must be so interesting, being a photo technician. Oh, wait — I did get an interesting email from Jeff Lyman yesterday about a dig on the Hell Creek/Ludlow formation contact in North Dakota where he excavated the remains of a trionychid ("softshell") turtle. Thank you, Jeff. At least I know someone out there's having fun. has posted its review of To Charles Fort, With Love, which you can read simply by clicking here. This is, truly, one of the best reviews that I've ever received, anywhere. And once you've read it, if you happen still not to have ordered a copy (or two) of the book, that's easy enough to remedy. Just click here. I was especially pleased that Colleen Mondor's favourite story of the bunch was "The Road of Pins," as I count it among both my very best and least recognized stories.

A number of people have asked about the release date for Frog Toes and Tentacles. It has been delayed and will be released next month. So, you'll be getting two books from me in September (which is a little overwhelming on this end).

Last night, after that extremely underwhelming day of which I've already spoken, I did nothing more (or less) than watch a couple of episodes of Farscape ("Taking the Stone" and "Eat Me"), because it had been two or three months since I'd last watched Farscape. And then I watched To Have and Have Not on TCM. It's the sort of movie that really makes me miss actual movie stars.

And speaking of Frog Toes and Tentacles, here's another not entirely inappropriate image from _octopus_ (behind the cut, because Spooky sez it's just a little bit not worksafe):

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