July 31st, 2005


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I'm not working today. I am vigorously not working today. Usually, my days off wind up being watered-down work days. The 18th and 19th of this month, for example, my most recent "days off" before today. I worked on both of them, it was just a messy, unfocused sort of work with a lot of pretend relaxation thrown in. But this entry is as close as I'll come to work today. Frell it all, I say. If it can't wait until tomorrow, I don't care.

Yesterday, we read through Chapter Seven of Daughter of Hounds, which I like a great deal, mostly, and I made a bunch of corrections to the science of "Night," fixing some truly embarrassing errors that brokensymmetry was kind enough to catch for me. I answered e-mails. I sent e-mails. I dealt with some eBay business (Spooky did more of this than I did). And last night, we watched a vampire film that was so entirely and mercilessly imbecilic that I'm not even going to admit to having seen it. Fortunately, I could watch Duck Soup on TCM afterwards. Groucho is an antidote for a lot of merciless things. I also played more of the pink shimmering fury that is Final Fantasy X-2. It might have been any Saturday. They blur together.

This morning I've lain about, nibbled at Newman's Own Oragnic Alphabet Cookies (arrowroot flavoured), made fun of the cat, napped, and tried very hard to be sincerely unproductive.

Truthfully, it kind of bores me. Like this journal entry, which I'm sure is boring you, too.

Oh, I forgot. Spooky photographed my eyes this morning (which was kind of drad and slightly oogy), because mellawyrden needs eyes for some arcane purpose which only she fully understands. One of these photos might make a decent LJ icon. One big eye. ONE BIG EYE. I find that eyes are one of those things that if you stare at for only a few moments begin to lose "context" and appear like something else entirely (usually peculiar, bottomless pools thriving with vast colonies of extremophilic bacteria). Stare at them only a moment, and you realise how little you actually know about what an eye looks like. Yes. I'll stop now. If you insist. But my platypus asks that you check out the eBay auctions. I have mentioned my platypus, right? Well, anyway...
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