July 26th, 2005


Discovery away

Yesterday was a very good writing day. I did 1,738 words on Chapter Seven. I hope to reach the end of this chapter on July 31st. So, yes, progress, but the story drags me forward with little or no foreknowledge of where it's carrying me. Strange places. Yesterday, for example, I had a moment where I was pretty sure I was writing an Arabian Nights tale that had somehow bumped universes with my novel. Emmie has spent much of this novel trying to distinguish between reality and dream, and I think we've reached the point where I'm no better at it than she is, at least not as far as the events in this novel are concerned. I can say that the readers who were put off by the overt/traditional "fantasy" elements in Murder of Angels will not be happy. I'm writing another utterly unclassifiable novel. Surprise. But that's okay. At least, I can say that's okay, whenever I'm not worrying about sales figures and marketing and dren like that. I'll have many chances in my life to make money. I have only one chance to write this novel the way it should be written.

And very soon, I have to put together a proposal for the YA novel. All I need are a few 28-hr. days, and it should be a breeze. I'm speaking with my agent, Merrilee, at 2:30 this afternoon, on this subject — the YA novel, not 28-hr. days. I'll most likely have to bite the bullet and do an outline/synopsis for this one, which, though aggravating, is fine as long as no one actually expects me to follow it later on. And I believe that I have decided that I will not be publishing the YA books as Caitlín R. Kiernan, but under a pseudonym. Have I mentioned that already? Well, I have now.

Discovery is in orbit. I've breathed my sigh of relief (two, actually). Eny'arid dri vr't, I say (which, in Nebari, means simply "safe journey").

Spooky is deep into doll-making mode again. She spent much of yesterday painting stripy legs. You can see her progress on the latest doll in her LJ, humglum. If only she would use her powers for...well, you know how that goes.

Okay. I have to write now, or the little men who live under my desk will start to complain. But please have a look at the latest round of eBay auctions. Thank you, one and all.
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