July 23rd, 2005


a Saturday in July

I did not get Chapter Seven started yesterday. But I did finish up the revisions on "Night" (which might become "The Horses of Neptune" after all) and dealt with some questions from Subterranean Press regarding the CEM (copy-edited manuscript) of To Charles Fort, With Love. So, there was work, just not as much as there needed to be, and certainly not the sort there needed to be. But I have some hope for today of getting back to Emmie Silvey and the Daughter of the Four of Pentacles and the tunnel beneath College Hill.

Back in the day, I wrote lots and lots of music reviews for the late great Carpe Noctem magazine. But I don't really do that sort of thing anymore. I'm just not terribly good at writing music reviews, and I know it. And I have all these other things to write, besides. But blu_muse recently asked if I'd like to write a review of The Unquiet Void's wonderfully Lovecraftian Posioned Dreams for Starvox webzine. I said that I would, and you can now read it here.

Anyway, back to yesterday. When the work was done, I read Dominic Green's "Send Me a Mentagram" from last year's Year's Best Science Fiction, because someone on the phorum had recommended it to me. And then, for KinderNacht, we watched Jaume Balagueró's mostly effective Darkness (2002). Anna Paquin wasn't quite as good as I'd hope she'd be (the director had wanted Natalie Portman for the role). But yes, creepy, and I loved the eclipse scenes. We followed it with John Maybury's The Jacket (2005), which was really very marvelous, so good that I felt kind of bad for watching it on Kid Night. It's not a Kid-Night movie. The cast is excellent, and Keira Knightley redeemed herself for her part in that awful Arthurian thing. Brian Eno did the score, and it's probably one of the better films involving time travel I've ever seen. So, that was yesterday.

And I think that's it for now. I'm not awake. That's become my battlecry. I'm not awake. I'm sitting here typing, but I'm not awake. There's not enough caffeine in the world to wake me.
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