June 27th, 2005


waning June

I managed to spend two full hours on Chapter Six yesterday morning, though almost all of it was spent rewriting the first two paragraphs. I think that now they might finally meet with my satisfaction. At least I hope so. I haven't yet looked at them this morning. Anyway, it was all polishing and fixing and no "progress" forward. Within a sentence or parapgraph, which are really no different from any other sort of continuum, there is an infinity, even if it's only the infinity of options. There are times when investigating this infinity — the inward spiral of rewording — seems a more valid pursuit of art than chasing THE END. But today, I return to the latter.

The D&D session went very well, a nice pool of pretend in the midst of the RW trials of the last month.

Not much more to say this morning. I'm not quiet awake. I need caffeine and the a.m. walk. But I did want to mention that The Crüxshadows Shadowbox DVD/CD set will be released by Dancing Ferret on July 5th, and is now available from Amazon. Just click here.
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