May 29th, 2005


The fartherest, shrivel'd end of May.

In the last twenty-four hours lots of people have come forward to offer words of support, advice, and financial aid to help us cope with Sophie's condition, and I thank you all. I wish I had time right now to sit down and e-mail each of you to express my gratitude. The situation is far less grim this morning than it was yesterday, and we have you guys to thank for that. Sophie will be coming home this afternoon. For now, Spooky will be administering her injections, as we continue to debate whether to adopt her out or attempt to deal with this ourselves with the help of a local sitter. We shall see.

Also, a belated birthday thanks to Erin Potratz. And a link that I meant to post days ago, to the website of the very talented E. L. Downey, who crafted me a special, tentacl'd birthday gift.

I managed to make a very busy, productive day of yesterday, instead of allowing it to be consumed by the ravenous tumult that has been gobbling down day after day. I put together the False Starts chapbook for Subterranean Press and sent it away to Bill Schafer. It will be offered with the 150-copy hardcover limited edition of Subterranean Magazine #2 and consists of several vignettes which were begun for Frog Toes and Tentacles but, for one reason or another, went unfinished (some of them were hardly begun). By the way, the lettered edition of FT&T will also get you one of the long-promised Low Red Moon broadsheets, featuring Ryan Obermeyer's beautiful endpaper artwork from the subpress edition and a poem by moi (writing as Caroline Snow). I'm really looking forward to seeing these. Also, yesterday, I began work on the cover art for the False Starts chap (which I'm doing myself), and wrote a preface for same. So, that was yesterday and work.

Last night I kept myself busy. Spooky made pasta with tomatos and red peppers. I watched some stuff on G4, then played a couple hours worth of Rise of the Kasai. We read another chapter of To Kill a Mockingbird (and I explained Jitney Jungles to Spooky), and then I began re-reading The Silmarillion. And still the nightmares came. "I think I'd probably be disappointed if they didn't," she said, her voice fairly dripping with sarcasm. "Where would I be without them?"

And here's a reminder that an ARC for To Charles Fort, With Love is currently being auctioned on eBay.

There was something else I wanted to say, but I think I'll save it for later. I need to get to work.
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