May 25th, 2005


...and back again (I think).

Three days wading hip deep in chaos and nonsense. The crap that keeps me from writing. The crap that makes me want to walk away and keep walking. But here I sit. In my chair. Listening to The Decemberists because they sometimes make me feel better or at least manage to add an edge of sweetness to the crap. Sweet crap. That would be a pretty good geek euphemism for, say, cool stuff produced by Darth Gates/Microsoft. Like, "I've seen the 360 and that's some frelling sweet crap." Anyway...

My thanks to tjcrowley for getting back online. Once again, I am dot.comX2.

Is there anything about the last three days worth relating? No, not really. So...this stuff will have to do, instead. We caught the season finale of Deadwood both last night and Sunday night. An absolutely perfect episode. I can't recommend this series strongly enough. This is probably the best television that I've ever seen. So, yeah, there was that. Also, the artwork for Frog Toes and Tentacles is looking absolutely incredible. Vince is doing the pencils now. And Spooky and I saw an exquisite French sf film, Immortel (ad vitam), directed by Enki Bilal (you can see the trailer here, if you have Quicktime). Wow. I can actually glean three good things from the last three days. Never let it be said I'm incapable of finding the silver linings.

Oh, and last night, Spooky dreamt I was doing something naughty with Johnny Depp, and she was jealous. To which I say, she has better dreams than I do.

Sophie had an abscessed carnassial extracted on Monday, and she's doing fine. The vet couldn't believe she's 16+ years old.

Speaking of advancing years, tomorrow's the day. -1 in the Year of Our Lord Oh Shit. I'm not dreading it as much as I expected. I'm trying to learn not to dread those things which I can neither forestall nor avoid. But I expect I shall do something terribly immature, just to show Time my middle finger, something like spend the whole day hiding in a dark theatre watching Revenge of the Sith over and over again. I'll think of something.

Anything else? Oh, yeah. Turns out I was wrong about Rise of the Kasai. I think I was just in a lousy mood when I played it for the first time on Saturday night. It's actually pretty cool, and, as I said, the animation is gorgeous. I think I'm going to try to play Jedi Academy next, because setsuled says I can play as a blue Twi'lek woman, and that, unlike the lamentable KotOR and TSL, Jedi Academy actually allows players to fight for themselves. I know it's a revolutionary idea, but it might catch on.

I'm thinking that the novel after the novel that's presently trying to grind me to pulp against the "rocks" of my own southerly coast, which is to say, the next novel, is going to be a YA fantasy set in the hemispherical world from Murder of Angels. I think it may involve a transgendered girl adopted by the Red Witches of Nesmia Shar. Scarborough Pentecost might even get a cameo. How does that strike you?
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