May 21st, 2005


Look! Words!

Yesterday I went to the prologue of Daughter of Hounds, meaning only to tighten and tuck here and there, small things to reconcile it with the changes that were made to Chapter Three and the rest of the story. And suddenly I was writing a whole frelling new opening scene! 553 words of new opening scene, to be precise. So, that was a bit of a surprise. Today, I'll either get back to work on the middle of Chapter Four, or the entire day will be sacrificed to the colouring and cutting of my hair. Just which has yet to be determined. Also, yesterday, I sent more notes to Vince Locke regarding the illos. for Frog Toes and Tentacles. He's given me permission to post a couple of rough sketches here, which I'll do in a day or two. And I talked with Poppy about writing press releases, which I have to do for To Charles Fort, With Love. Finally, I had to go over the line edits that the Roc copyeditors had made on "The Pearl Diver." Mostly, they were okay, but there were several that made me groan and curse and spit. My favorite of this sort, the CEs complained that they couldn't "verify" Mt. Gudmundson, which is mentioned in passing in the story. And I'm like, it's a frelling sf story, not journalism. Why does anything need to be verified? Anyway, I told the editor that it's a peak in the Transantarctic Mountains and suggested the beleagured CEs try Google. Also, I continue to be speechlessly annoyed at CEs and publishers who want to capitalize "Web," as in www, even though it's not a proper noun and is not a trademark. All in all, it seemed to be a very full day.

As soon as Bill Schafer sends the addresses to about a gazillion bookstores, we have to start getting these ARCs in the mail. By the way, the copies that are being sent out to reviewers will be coming directly from Subterranean Press. This is a different matter altogether. This is a hopefully not futile attempt to persuade a few chain bookstores to carry a few copies of the collection. And I haven't forgotten about my promise to eBay two or three of the ARCs. I just haven't gotten around to it yet. Maybe today.

A couple of months back, the domain registration for expired and, since I didn't actually own the domain (long story), I was unable to renew it. I figured, what the frell, I can make do with No author needs more than one website, right? But I am being made aware that a lot of people think my website's vanished, because most of my books list, not Sooooo...I'm going to try to get control of the domain, but only if I can do so without laying out a lot of money. Meanwhile, if any of you happen to have bookmarks or links set to, please reset them to Thank you, and I apologize for any inconvenience (though, in truth, this is not my fault).

I am finding myself afflicted by an almost overwhelming urge to write Farscape/Deadwood crossover fic. Where do these perverse desires come from? Why do I feel driven to write a Calamity Jane/Chiana slash? And speaking of universes bleeding one into the other, read the new installment of Boschen and Nesuko, and see if you can spot the Star Wars reference.

For Kid Night last night, we watched the utterly awful and abominablly dull Alone in the Dark. I only picked this one up because a) I thought the monster might be cool, b) it has Christian Slater (whose metamorphosis into Jack Nicholson seems to be accelerating), and c) when the movie was released in theatres, several people wrote suggesting that the filmmakers had cribbed the storyline from Threshold. This movie is so bad that, even if they had, I probably wouldn't do anything about it because I wouldn't want to be associated in any way with this silly mess of a film. Afterwards, we watched Michael Keaton in White Noise. It was a better film. I mean, it had actual production values and acting and a script and stuff like that, but it was still a little muddled for my liking. The filmmakers seemed to be trying to simultaneously pull in the Jonathan Edward/Crossing Over nitwits and make a creepy bad-things-wait-on-the-other-side sort of film. The visuals are somewhat influenced by recent Japanese ghost-story films, but in such a hamfisted way that it's nothing but annoying. The director had obviously seen The Ring. Too many times. Anyway, it's watchable, if you must. It's not as syrupy as, say, Ghost, but a little too precious for my tastes. Is it scary? No. There are one or two interesting visuals, but they're not worth the entire film and seem to have found their way in almost accidentally.

Check out the eBay auctions. I must now go figire out what this day holds for me...
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