May 15th, 2005


1d8+2 (and suchlike)

Yesterday, I did a very, very satisfying 2,073 words on Chapter Three of Daughter of Hounds, in which Emmie has a Very Significant Dream. So, there you go. I did get at least one stellar day on this chapter. Perhaps I'll get another tomorrow, but today I'm off to play D&D with friends (which I've not done since way the frell back in, oh, I think, October). I'm now hoping that I'll be able to finish Chapter Three by late on Wednesday evening (May 18), allowing me to resume work on Chapter Four on Thursday.

I was pleased with Alien Planet, even though it departed quite a bit from Barlowe's book storywise. But you really should find a copy of Expedition and read it, because there is much more depth and detail there.

I am so not ready for birthday -1. Not even nearly. That's what happens when you allow your unsightly twenties to slosh over into the depths of your thirties. These things get ugly. The existensial shock of temporal progression and all that. Our inherent powerlessness before the indifferent flow of Time. There's a link, though. for them what wants to help lessen the infernal sting.

And here's an amusing little thing.

Wonderful storms last night. They woke me about five, I think, and then crept into my dreams. Later, kiddos...
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