April 27th, 2005


the iPod of the bird world

Yesterday, I began and finished the sixth vignette, which I am currently calling "Pump Excursion," after an H. R. Giger painting. At 2,508 words, it may represent my highest word count ever for a single day. I'm not absolutely sure about this and haven't had time to check, but I strongly suspect it's so. That's six down, three to go. And here I still have four more or less whole days of April left. Ah, the frelling luxury! I also had a very, very good conversation yesterday with my film agent. Perhaps by midsummer I can reveal some details regarding this project. All I can say for now is that it has added more work to my already bloated schedule. I hope to have my first full-length screenplay finished by the end of June.

Most of last night was consumed by Jade Empire, which has become my new favorite time suck. Oh, I remembered the last game I really liked, and it was more recent than late June, when I finished the Riddick game. The last game I really enjoyed was Crimson Skies. Indeed, before Jade Empire came along, I'd pretty much given up gaming. I was actually reading books! The kind printed on paper, even!

Also, it looks like I'll be back in Birmingham on May 2nd, which I see is this coming Monday, to meet with a paleontologist colleague regarding the aforementioned Cretaceous bird that I collected back in November 2001. I want a second opinion before I shelve the pterosaur paper (again) and work on this instead. I suspect it is the more important of the two. I'll post a photo of the specimen as soon as I have some decent ones available.

Meanwhile, as I finish up Frog Toes and Tentacles and attend to promotion for To Charles Fort, With Love, I need to keep Daughter of Hounds not quite at the back of my mind. Somewhere in the middle. I need to be ready on Tuesday, May 3rd, to sit down and begin writing on it again. I'll probably begin with the revisions to the prologue. But I want an outline before I do that. I've never wanted an outline before, so this feels strange. But it will be there more as suggestion than law. I will be free to deviate at any time, but will always have something there to keep me on course, should I need it. It's all about reining this book in. On the one hand, I'd say that if I had my druthers, it would be a 200k-word novel. On the other, writing such a long book would probably only be the sort of self-indulgence I've decried in many other authors. In the end, this will be a better novel for this economy, even if the stop and start over again thing is presently a pain in the eema.

The weather has turned warm again. Hopefully, that was the last gasp of wretched frelling winter. The high today is forecast at 75F.

Spooky's going to be starting a new round of book auctions soon, perhaps as early as today. There will be copies of SIlk, The Five of Cups, the hardback edition of Low Red Moon, copies of In the Garden of Poisonous Flowers, etc. I'll post an announcement when the auctions begin.

Finally, something that makes me very happy. because, as Titania once said, "Stories should have endings, don't you think? It is . . . unseemly, that they be allowed to go on and on forever, unfinished." The trailer for Serenity, due out this fall.
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