April 23rd, 2005


we both go down together

We got a wonderful thunderstorm yesterday. I stood on the front porch and watched and listened and smelled it. Lightning. Wind. The new leaves rustling like a swarm of hungry insects. Unfortunately, there was this shitty little blackberry winter waiting behind it, and we have that today.

I've seen the layout for the cover of To Charles Fort, With Love. Ryan Obermeyer's artwork is gorgeous, of course, and the painting is perfect for the collection. As soon as I'm sure this is the final cover, I'll post it here. Also, as I announced on the phorum yesterday, Subterranean Press will probably be sending out the ARCs in about two weeks. If you are a legitimate reviewer and would like a copy, then, well, for one thing, it doesn't matter that I'm not going to explain what "ARC" stands for, does it? Anyway, pro reviewers may request copies of the ARC by e-mailing me at lowredmail@mac.com (please include ARC in the subject line), and be sure to say who you're reviewing for. Amazon does not count. Nether do blogs, livejournals, your private/personal website, & etc. I'm not being stingy. It's just that only so many of these things get printed, and we need the collection to get as many reviews as possible. I'll forward all requests for ARCs to subpress, and they'll be making the decision about who gets copies. Thanks!

Yesterday was the sort of frustration that comes from phone tag. Gagh. But I did speak with my editor at Penguin and with Bill Schafer at subpress about what has to be done with Daughter of Hounds, the backtracking, rewriting, replotting thing. The plan, at the moment, is that I'll spend this last bit of April laying the story out (yes, an actual outline, from me!) and finishing up the vignettes for Frog Toes and Tentacles, and I'll begin writing DoH again in May. I'm going to push very, very hard to have the book finished by the end of the summer, which was my original plan, give or take a month. I'm just grateful the deadline is still eight months away.

I started playing Jade Empire last night, and I like it a great deal. Finally, the end to this video-game drought. Really, I've been looking for something that I genuinely like, that will really hold my interest, since, frell, since when? Since I finished The Chronicles of Riddick: Escape from Butcher Bay way back last June, I guess. Also, we watched a couple of eps from Season One of Farscape.

Okay. I gotta go write something weird and sexy now...
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