April 16th, 2005


hedgehog 2

This was one of those mornings when I opened my eyes, disoriented, lost for a moment, and then I remembered, Oh, yeah. This is that world. The one with George Bush, Wal-Mart, gravity, and the goddamn internet. I shut them again, my eyes, and tried to go somewhere else, to no avail.

Here I am. For now.

So...yesterday, Spooky and I read through what's been written on Chapter Four of Daughter of Hounds, and I may have made a very inconvenient discovery. It may be necessary to stop, take this book apart, put it back together in some slightly different configuration. This has happened to me before. It happened with Silk. It happened with Threshold. It happened with Murder of Angels. A sudden realization, part way through, that the reason I'm having so much trouble is because I'm simply not doing it right. If I'm correct, if reconstruction is required, I can probably still save most of what I've written so far. But there's far too much Sadie, for example. This is not Sadie's book. It's Emmie's, and it's Soldier's. So, most of the Sadie stuff will probably go. I'll stick it in a chapbook for the subpress edition or something. It's a little nauseating, this realization — if it is a realization and not simply a delusion. I've written more than fifty thousand words already, and the book is due in December. Truthfully, there have been too many distractions this past winter, lots of things to get in the way of writing a novel, and I have allowed myself to lose focus. A certain sloppiness has crept in.

I will do it right, or I will not do it.

I may write one of the vignettes for Frog Toes and Tentacles today, while some other, less lascivious part of my brain works at the problem posed by the novel.


Anyway, last night we ate pizza and watched The Incredibles and Shark Tale. I can honestly say that I loved The Incredibles. It was visually stunning, probably the very best CGI film that I've ever seen. It was also a considerably darker and more adult film than I'd expected. I was particularly pleased with the movie's insistence that "If everyone is special, then no one is special," that things which are special should not be forced to settle for mediocrity in order to not make waves. Shark Tale was okay, but we probably should have watched it first, as it pales by comparison to The Incredibles, though it's entertaining enough in its own right.

It's sunny and green out, but there's a nasty, cold wind. I need a good 90F day. I need to move to the south of France, or maybe Greece. On an unrelated note, a bunch of Spooky's CD auctions are ending today. You might want to have a look.
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