April 9th, 2005


trashy international television

A good writing day yesterday. I did 1,133 words on Chapter Four of Daughter of Hounds, fleshing out the chapter's opening scene, Soldier and Odd Willie and Saben on their way to Woonsocket. Today, I'll work on Chapter Four. Tomorrow, I'll work on the thing for Marvel, then I'll work on Chapter Four again Monday, then I'll be in Birmingham Tuesday and Wednesday.

Walking to the video store late yesterday, Spooky and I were talking about writing, about making your living as a writer (and we really don't talk about this very often, as there are too many genuinely interesting subjects to distract us), and I said, "We all pay the same dues. But we don't get the same benefits in return." Consider that Caitlín's First Law of Publishing. It's the gods' frelling truth. It matters not how good you are or how hard you work. There's no cheating Caitlín's First Law. It's what you'd call a goddamned Universal Constant.

We had an excellent kindernacht last night. Imagine, if you will, Gilligan's Island written as a killer-mushroom flick and directed by Ishirô Honda for Toho Studios, and you will begin the appreciate the bizarre wonder of Matango: Attack of the Mushroom People (1963). It's based, very loosely, on William Hope Hodgson's short story, "A Voice in the Night," and, goofy acting aside, the film has some very fine moments and manages to conjure its weird atmosphere very effectively. Check it out. Also, we watched Dead Leaves (2004), a short anime directed by Hiroyuki Imaishi. Extraordinarily messed up. I mean, we're talking early Ralph Bakshi messed up. Indeed, this film could be a litmus test for freaks. For example, if you know you're a total freak, and you happen to meet someone but you're you're afraid they might find you too freaky, just rent Dead Leaves and watch it together. If they haven't made for the door before the end credits, then you'll know that they're a freak, too. Spooky fell asleep halfway through, so I know I'm cool.

Check out the new chapter of Boschen and Nesuko, courtesy Leh'agvoi (Setsuled). The new one's #17, in case you haven't been keeping score.

Here in Atlanta, the partly sunny morning has given way to an overcast afternoon with a chilly breeze. So, no sun for me today. Perhaps tomorrow...
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Spooky Sells Stuff!

Spooky wants me to announce that she's selling off a drenload of her CDs on eBay, all albums of which we have duplicates. There's some very good stuff included in this lot, some of it out of print and hard to find. So, here's the link..
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