April 3rd, 2005


spring forward

I am very, very pleased that I actually managed to almost entirely ignore the time change this past October. And finally the world is back on my time. I can stop being an hour early for everything.

The writing is not going well. Indeed, the writing is really not going at all. I'm still stuck here at the beginning of Chapter Four of Daughter of Hounds. I'm not sure the last time I felt this seriously stalled. But it's getting scary. When this is how you make your living, and you have deadlines which missing may result in you not making your living at this after all, and, still, the words just are not coming, when these things are all true, things get scary. And scared people have more trouble writing. Round and round. I have to somehow step outside the vicious cicle without breaking my frelling neck.

I may stop trying and do a short story. I don't really have the time to spare, and there's no assurance I could write a short story, the way things have been, but it seems that trying to do that is better than all this nothing.

Does anyone know whatever became of Mark Schultz? You know, the guy who did Cadillacs and Dinosaurs? I suppose I could run his name by Google and see what I find. I so do not keep up with comics these days. Anyway, I used to be a huge fan of C&D, and I was looking over the trade paperback collections last night and just started wondering what he's been doing recently.

Of course, I've now asked a non-rhetorical question in an LJ where I've shut off the comments feature. If anyone actually wants to answer, do so by e-mail or via the phorum (which has had a bit more traffic since the End of Comments).

There seems to be a storm behind my eyes, and if I could see through that storm, I could continue Chapter Four.

I spent about an hour this afternoon looking through photographs from the ESA Mars Express mission. It all leaves me so...maybe there's no one word for what it leaves me. Here's a photo:

The image above is Kasei Valles, one of the largest outflow channels on Mars, and contains a lot of evidence for glacial and fluvial activity over much of the planet's history. Kasei Valles has been imaged before by the HRSC during orbit 61 from an altitude of 272 kilometres. These images are located about 29° North and 300° East.

I think that the photo was taken on February 25th of this year, but I'm not certain.


Words. Thin air. The need to pull the former from the latter.

Maybe vomiting would help.
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