March 19th, 2005


Happiness is a rubber octopus.

We had sun for most of yesterday. Now it's dreary out again. The weather geeks keep promising warmer weather, truly warmer weather, and it keeps getting put off. Sort of like the End of the World. Weather geeks and prophets of doom have much in common. Both have chaos theory to cover their butts.

Nonetheless, I was reflecting this morning on how much better I usually feel when I'm working, as opposed to when I'm not working. That is, the last couple of days have been much better, the last three or four, really, thanks to getting Daughter of Hounds back on track and then finishing Chapter Three. I'm improved considerably from my latest low point, which would have been back on Thursday, March 10th, when I was ready to call down Hellfire and Cthulhu on all of humanity on general principle. It's not that I hate people less when I'm working, just that it's easier not to dwell on them.

Yesterday, as planned, we read through Chapter Three. I like it. Also, Richard Kirk sent me the three interior illustrations for To Charles Fort, With Love. They will accompany the three stories of the Dandridge House cycle, and they are utterly frelling gorgeous. I've gotten used to being wowed by Rick's work, but these three are extra superb. So, that was a much needed bright spot. Also, on a related note, Bill Schafer sent me the cover for the second issue of Subterranean Magazine, which I am inserting below:

Not only will the issue include "Bradbury Weather," it will also reprint "Andromeda Among the Stones," one of the Dandridge stories and will include Rick's illustration (which will, of course, be reprinted in To Charles Fort, With Love).

Returning to the matter of me being in a better mood, I'll be making an effort over the next couple of months to pick up my paleontological research again. I have an undescribed fauna from the Bluffport Marl (Upper Cretaceous) of Sumter County, Alabama, collected by me and Jennifer back in 2001-2002, including a large sea turtle and a bird, awaiting preparation and description. I need that work. I need to be using my hands in that way and to be waking up that part of my brain.

Last night, Spooky and I watched Julien Magnat's very funny Bloody Mallory (French; 2002). Sexy, hilarious, neat monsters, and fun. Spooky remarked, "It has the camp that Buffy was going for, but never got right." Which is, I think, spot on. Highly recommended.

Okay, this has rambled on a bit, but before I close, I need to say thanks to Marrije way off in The Netherlands for her donation to the car fund, and remind you all that we'll only be offering Silk for ten dollars via the eBay auctions until midnight Sunday. Now, I'm off to write some smut and drink some absinthe!
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