March 6th, 2005


the constable hand of the past

I think this will be short today. I'm not getting nearly enough sleep. Too much work. Too much Deadwood (all of Season One since Wednesday, five hours last night, the season premiere tonight). Too much everything but sleep.

I will answer an e-mail. This is from Ryan, who thought I should know that he was both English and drunk:

Hey Caitlin, I've just been to (having seen it in my lovely brand spanking new copy of Low Red Moon) and am curious as to what exactly the site is about.

Here's the deal. When I handed Low Red Moon into my publisher (early September 2002, I think), I registered the domain,, intending to place a site there promoting the novel. I asked that the URL be included in the book. However, it was a very busy autumn, what with the move to Atlanta, then a chaotic year followed, and when the book was released late in 2003, I still hadn't gotten around to the website. So, after two years, I let the domain lapse. Obviously, someone else picked it up. It seems to be an RPG site, perhaps involving werewolves, perhaps related to White Wolf. Anyway, nothing to do with my novel. Sorry for the confusion.

Mr. Egg Timer has a name, by the way. Taylor. I'll include his photo someday.

Day before yesterday, I e-mail Bill Schafer at Subterranean Press one of the vignettes for Frog Toes and Tentacles, specifically, I sent him "Untitled 3," but have not yet heard from him. I hope I have not been responsible for a heart attack or sudden religious conversion or any such inconvenience.

Yep. I was right. It's gonna be short.

Please have a look at our eBay auctions. Thanks!

P.S. — I have been informed that is, in fact, a World of Warcraft site. Mystery solv'd!
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