March 5th, 2005


All hail Plankton!

Just so you know, in case my gayness was in any way a subject of contention, in case my status as queer was ever in doubt, in case you somehow missed the fact that Spooky is my girlfriend, last night I watched The Spongebob Squarepants Movie. And now I'm admitting it. In public. So there. For the most part, fundamentalist Xtian crusaders might well be ass-widgets, but, in my own humble, queer opinion, this is one damned gay movie.

And I'm not just talking about those singing pirates...

Yesterday, I wrote 1,945 words in two hours, almost repeating Thursday's Herculean feat. And we have the third vignette for Frog Toes and Tentacles. Now that I feel I have a firm beginning on that book, I'll be switching back to Daughter of Hounds on Monday. Hopefully, the transition will come off without a hitch. I'd try to get through a couple more of the erotic vignettes, but I think I need to clear my palate and all. As I've long suspected, writing about sex must be done always with one eye on the danger of repetition. Well, I mean unless you're aiming for Penthouse Forum, and I'm not. Arkham Forum, maybe. Also, I'm discovering that I'm putting in quite a bit more story than I'd expected to, than I said I would. I can't write the literary equivalent of a painting or a photograph, as I'd wished. Indeed, no such thing may exist. Which is sort of sad.

Today, however, I have set aside as a grooming day. I need a bath. I need to wash my hair. Etc. & etc.

For the moment, I remain as loyal to Apple as ever, but I still must admit to being disturbed and disappointed by the following Forbe's article — "Is Apple the new Microsoft?". I've been loyal to Apple since 1986, when I first sat down at an SE II and discovered how straightforward computing could be. And it's probably somewhat naive of me to express any surprise or disappointment over a thing like this. We live in an America where the Bill of Rights is being dismantled in the service of corporate politics and nationalism, and Apple is as surely a corporation as any other.

Okay. Mr. Egg Timer says that's quite enough for today. Please have a look at the eBay auctions
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