February 23rd, 2005


life among the frellwits (Part 32) [begin transmission]

I just heard that the thing with the hacking of Paris Hilton's Sidekick actually made the front page of the New York Post. Oh, those wacky humans.

Let's see. News type stuff. Well, the contracts with Marvel will be signed today. Also, Vince Locke has agreed to do the artwork for Frog Toes & Tentacles, which is very cool. Furthermore, if you ordered a copy of the Subterranean Press edition of Low Red Moon, you may have noticed by now that the copyright page makes reference to an introduction by Jack Morgan (The Biology of Horror) which does not, in fact, appear in the printed volume. Somehow, it was omitted in the file that went to the printer. Anyway, Subterranean Press is releasing the intro as a chapbook. If you ordered Low Red Moon, you may get a copy for free. Just e-mail subpress@earthlink.net, give them your name and address (and, of course, tell them why you're writing), and a copy will be reserved in your name. When the chapbook is published, you'll get a copy, free-of-charge. Promise.

Also, be advised, Subterranean Press has just announced publication of To Charles Fort, With Love and has begun taking preorders. Note this special offer: Until 11:59 PM, February 26, 2004 To Charles Fort, With Love is 20% off. To take advantage, mention the 20% off in the comments section of the order form. This offer may not be combined with any other specials or coupons. So, preorder now and save money.

Yesterday, the mail brought my copy of the Library of America's H. P. Lovecraft: Tales, edited by Peter Straub. It's a very handsome book, as are all the Library of America editions. I am mostly pleased with Peter's choice of stories, though I do question the inclusion of "He" and "The Lurking Fear." It is worth noting that the version of "The Shadow Out of Time" that appears here is the text as HPL intended it to be published, as per the 2003 Hippocampus Press edition, Also, this volume is slimmer than the classic Arkham House editions and therefore makes for an ideal travel volume of HPL. I sat down and read "Cool Air" last night. I love the onionskin-thin pages of the LofA editions.

Yesterday was a flurry of business-of-writing work, such that I had no chance to get any actual writing done, what with the barage of phone calls and e-mail. Finally, about 4:30 p.m., Spooky and I escaped the house. We made a stop at Fernbank, because she wanted to check on the progress of the bullfrog tadpoles. Then we spent about an hour at the Emory University library, and now I'm reading Tolkien: A Biography by Humphrey Carpenter and The Mistaken Extinction: Dinosaur Evolution and the Origin of Birds by Lowell Dingus and Timothy Rowe. We had Thai for dinner, because we were both craving a pepper high. So, it was a decent enough day yesterday. The weather was gorgeous. I think we get another warm day today, then back to the chill for a bit.

The new National Geographic also came yesterday. It includes several snitty letters from creationists regarding the "Was Darwin Wrong" article a few issues back. I have no idea why NG prints these things. I have even less of an understanding of why a creationist would be reading NG. I suspect they don't, mostly. They just watch, in waiting rooms and at newsstands, for "offending" articles, then write their nasty, ignorant letters. And that would be fine, if only NG didn't feel duty-bound to print the things.

[end transmission]
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memeogenesis (Stage 1)

I seem to have an affinity for parentheses and brackets today. Anyway...

A new meme. A harsh meme. I am Patient Zero. The virus begins here. Be fruitful. Go forth. Yada yada yada.

"Ten Things I Hate in Others That I Occasionally See in Myself"

01. Laziness
02. Wastefulness
03. Intolerance
04. Apathy
05. A short temper.
06. A disregard for the future (shortsightedness).
07. Whineyness
08. A lack of will and/or resolve.
09. Perfidy
10. Cowardice
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