February 13th, 2005


acesulfame potassium

Despite my initial misgivings, we had a very good day out yesterday. The weather was almost warm, hovering right around 60F, just a little nip left in the air, very sunny. Another ten degrees would have made me happy, but it was good enough. And I finally had a piercing done that I've been talking about having done for the last year, one that has required the marshalling of considerable resolve, the female guiche or perineal piercing (warning: that link is not worksafe). A new dimension of pain has been opened to me, but, also, I think, a new and very welcomed dimsension of focus. The pain of the actual act of piercing wasn't so bad, but it looks as though the healing is going to make up for it. I shall be writing from bed today and tomorrow (and perhaps Tuesday, as well). Afterwards, after the piercing, we had extremely hot Thai, so, between the pain and the peppers, I was tripping on endorphins by the time we got home last night. We watched Twenty Four Hour Party People, which was a perfect follow-up to The Velvet Goldmine and The Wall and which you all should see.

And today I will have absinthe while I write, fresh piercing or no.

I am desperate for that loosening of the imagination that absinthe often brings me. Though, I'm not really having a lot of trouble with story at the moment, but with words. I have the story in my head (I have several stories in my head), but translating it into mere words is proving difficult.

I think maybe Emmie and Sadie are playing Scrabble, but I'm not certain.

This e-mail from yesterday (or the day before):

I have a quick question and it's nothing intellectual based on your books, so please forgive me. This is purely a curiosity question. I was reading your post today and you mentioned your broken Zero keychain, and I was wondering if this is in anyway related to the Smashing Pumpkins or Billy Corgan? Any of their memorabilia?

Though I am a fan of the Smashing Pumpkins, this was Zero from The Nightmare Before Xmas. His head came off. When I switched my keys over to Grover, I couldn't stand the thought of throwing Zero's head out (his body had already been tossed), so I stashed it in one of my desk drawers. One of those drawers meant to hold writing-stuff that's filled with all manner of distinctly non-writing junk. Some of that junk has been in there since 1994, I dren you not. Anyway, no, not that Zero, the other Zero.

And that reminds me, Spooky and I are still planning the New Zero costume for me, the robotic yeti thing. There's just been so little time for such things.

I suppose that enough for today. I have to try to crack Chapter Three. If I can get a good couple thousand words between me and the beginning of the thing, I can rediscover the lost momentum.
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