January 20th, 2005


skin of the beans

Okay. I'm about to prove that I can make a journal entry while I'm both asleep and afflicted with a frelling headache. Folks down front should hide beneath the big sheet of plastic we've conveniently provided. Avert the eyes of children. Pregnant women are strongly cautioned. See, now unless I confess to being the lovechild of Iggy Pop and Carole Channing, or reveal my sordid love affair with a Burmese python, all will be anticlimax. There's a lot to be said for anticlimax (I'm just too asleep and achey to remember any of it).


Okay. Let's see. Yesterday (an acceptably arbitrary place to start) I only managed to write 902 words on Chapter Two of Daughter of Hounds. It was the day of distractions and frittered time. First the bath. It's always a bad idea for me to take a hot bath before I write, because then all I want to do is sleep. Then I had to deal with the contracts for the Italian edition of Threshold, which I'd not even read, and have Spooky get them back in the mail to my agent so she can get them back to Gargoyle Books in Rome. I stole ten minutes for a quick lunch (reheated mac and cheese and a cold hamburger bun). There was eBay business. I had, I think, four e-mail exchanges with my editor at Penguin. I had to get in touch with Marvel about contract stuff. And then I was allowed to start actually trying to write, after my head was filled with all these other things. Still outside the gates of the abandoned amusement park. Soldier yelling at Saben White, Odd Willie trying to figure out the quickest way...you know, perhaps I should leave the story out of this. I fear I'm giving too much away. Anyway, I wrote 902 words, finally calling it quits at about 6 p.m.

I wasn't good for much of anything last night. We watched Farscape: The Peacekeeper Wars on DVD. It's much, much better that way. Getting rid of the commercials revealed how truly epic the story is, and, I think, restored a flow that had been difficult to perceive when it was televised in October. Also, the DVD adds about 15 minutes of missing footage, which also smooths things out a bit. I noticed, too, how impressive is Guy Gross' score. I wish it were available on CD. I'm still not happy about the changes to certain characters (most notably Sikozu and Jothee) or the apparent short-cuts necessary with some of the make-up (most apparent in the Scarrans and Scorpius), but, that aside, TPKW is marvelous. The space battle scenes are, I would dare to suggest, better than anything in the last two Star Wars films, and the wormhole weapon effect at the end was beautiful and terrible and perfect. I got to bed about 2:30 a.m.

Wow. Four whole paragraphs, and no one's gotten hurt. I haven't even cut off one of my own fingers yet.

We've added a couple of new items to the eBay auctions. I've put up a PC of the lettered edition of The Five of Cups, opening at $1. Also, we have a few ARCs of The Five of Cups available (thanks, Bill). I think we've sold one already, since last night, so if you're interested in those, don't drag your feet. And on that note, I'm gonna go crawl under a rock somewhere and die in a pool of my own filth. Thank you.
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