December 28th, 2004



At best, I'm only half awake. Nothing much new was written on Chapter One yesterday. I read aloud to Kathryn all the chapter I've written thus far. It's good. Different, but good. I spent a couple more hours doing line edits and fixing the big geographical problem. So, I did work on the book yesterday, but it was mostly review and clean-up. Oh, and I spent an hour making notes for the next section, stuff about Deacon and how goddamn hard it's going to be (again) to write a sequel that stands completely alone. I've done it twice now, with both Low Red Moon and Murder of Angels. You'd think I'd know the tune by now.

Bill Schafer called last night. Hopefully, I'll have a shipping date on the forever-and-a-day delayed hardcover of Low Red Moon very, very soon.

The Washington Post has run a very good review of The Dry Salvages. This is my first Washington Post review.

It's still cold here, but warmer weather is almost upon us. Tomorrow, they say.

I have brought to my own attention that I have allowed far too many distractions to encroach upon The Writing. Distraction is, of course, one of the Seven Deadly Sins of Writing (of which there are actually nine, remember). It's time to tell Distraction to hit the frelling road. Too much internet, too much television, too much thinking about magick, too much of everything except writing, which is all that matters at the end of the day. So, I'm going to make an effort to make shorter entries, in the interest of stealing more time back from the Distraction demon. But, just so I'm sure you're all still feeling the love, I leave you with the following (with thanks to Spooky). Make of it what ere you will:

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