December 24th, 2004


Mammoths in the Backyard

The cold has returned. Of course, I knew it would. It's December. Right now, it's 29F out there. But the meteorologists say that, beginning Wednesday, we'll have at least five consecutive days with highs in the sixties. Too bad I have so little faith in the weather guys. Anyway, I just have to hang in here for a few frigid days. At least it's not snowing, just grey and dreary.

But I wrote yesterday, and that's all that really matters. I did 1,040 words on Chapter One of Daughter of Hounds (bringing the word count thus far for the chapter to 5,037). I introduced a new character, Saben White. I'm not sure how Saben and I are going to get along, but she has the Seal of Solomon tattooed on the back of her left hand, which seems ominous. Also, in a flash, I understood the structure of both Chapter One and Chapter Two and how they will differ from the chapter structure typical of my other novels. It was a much needed intuitive leap.

I spent some time last night working out the complex patterns of correspondence for the Nebari soth'eerni, sort of like runes. Sort of, Each of the fourteen possible shard characters in a clutch has at least four, and sometimes five, points of correspondence: astronomical (not astrological), numeric and/or alphabetical, mythic, and attributional. The mythic correspondences are proving the trickiest to nail down. If you have no idea what I'm talking about, don't worry about it. I'm not entirely sure I do, either.

We went to bed about 1:30 a.m., and I spent some time reading bits of The Dry Salvages (I don't often read my books after they're published). I like what I did here. I found one typo (a misplaced comma, despite our obsessive efforts to weed them all out of the ms.).

Okay. Gotta go write. Emmie Silvey's still on that dratted train. I need to try to get her to Manhattan today. Jennifer's gone to Birmingham to spend the weekend with her family, and Spooky and I get a little extra Kid Night tonight. I hope to be done writing today by 4 p.m., which means I'd better get crackin'.
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