November 23rd, 2004


zeppelins on Mars

I've felt bad about boring everyone to hezmana and back with these humdrum tales of moving and near death, and so, as a break from the monotony of the last few days, I offer this painting, which is anything but humdrum and will adorn the cover of Subterranean Magazine #2. Painted by Edward Miller (whose work you may recognize from a few of China Miéville's books), it was done as an illustration for my sf story, "Bradbury Weather," and I am very, very happy with it:

I spent a couple of quiet hours alone in the new place today, organizing books and what have you. Here in Atlanta, it's been raining since Friday, and the sound of a particularly heavy downpour against the roof and walls and windows of this old house was very comforting. Nonetheless, confusion still reigns, and the list of things I have to do immediately upon the conclusion of this protracted move has grown to such a length I shudder to consider it too closely. I'm going to attempt to get back to work tomorrow afternoon, if only in some limited writing-related-but-not-actually-writing capacity. It's time.
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