October 27th, 2004


manic Wednesday

No, you won't fool the children of the revolution...

Okay. But what about the children of the children of the revolution?

This presidential thing is looking grim. Bush is leading in the polls again. What, exactly, does it take for the people of America to notice that they're being vigourously ass-fucked by a bunch of hateful old men with a hard-on for nothing but money and military expansionism? Let's see...it takes more than getting us all stuck in an unjust, unwinnable war. It takes more than learning that the hateful old men lied to get us to let them go to war. It takes more than a disregard for education, fair taxes, and the poor. It takes more than seeing that an administration is willing to wipe its ass with the Bill of Rights. It takes more than an impending draft, deemed necessary to keep the aforementioned unjust, unwinnable war stocked with cannon fodder. Maybe it takes just a little bit more apocalypse and ass-fuckery than we've seen so far.

Maybe I'm just impatient.

And I'm growing cynical, again.

This is it, folks. Like it or not, we're the most powerful nation on earth. Right or wrong, our will shall most likely determine the fate of this particular civilization and, perhaps, the fate of the planet, as well. You take a thing just so goddamn far, and maybe you don't get more than fourteen or fifteen second chances.

We'll see.

What about me? Well, all sorts of business-of-writing crap conspired to prevent me from writing yesterday. Today might be better, if I can shake this funk. If I can strike the spark.

I watched a lot of television last night. I hate that sluggish, icky feeling I get after about four or five hours of television, even good television. Last night, it began with a National Geographic documentary on a climbing disaster on Mt. Hood, followed by another National Geographic documentary, this time one about Chernobyl. I suppose I should have stopped there. The foggy thing hadn't settled over my brain yet. But I continued on. Spooky and I watched the skateboard doc Dogtown and Z-Boys on IFC, which was really very, very wonderful, and I'd been wanting to see it since I missed it in the theatres, but, by the end, I still felt gorged on TV. I crawled off to bed and thought about reading. I fell asleep instead.

Why didn't we go to see the Chihuly exhibit? I was entirely too bummed by all the crap to get dressed, mostly. Maybe we'll go Thursday night. Tomorrow night. Weeks like sand in my hand, slipping between fingers.

You know about the lunar eclipse tonight, right? Yes, indeed. It should start about 9:14 p.m., with a total duration of some three and a half hours. It'll be visible from Alaska to Afghanistan. We'd planned on going up to the observatory at the Fernbank Science Center, but I'm running so far behind, we may have to content ourselves with the view from here. This will be the last lunar eclipse of 2004 and the last total lunar eclipse until 2008. Totality should be reached about 10:23 and last about an hour. Look upwards, kiddos.

Spooky has to go out and find pumpkins this afternoon, because we still haven't done that, either. What noisy cats are we...
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