October 25th, 2004


a hot slice of buh-LOG-nah

Here it is 3:08 in the frelling p.m., and I haven't gotten started yet. I've just sat here all morning, talking.

This should get me moving (from Amazon.com, "Portrait of the Goth as a Whiner," Oct. 23, 2004):

If you tend to dress in black, think movies about spaceships and aliens are "drad," say "drad" and "frell" a lot, play and/or talk about video games on a regular basis, shun daylight, or generally feel put-upon by the presence of pesky, inferior *humans* . . . well, then I'm sure you'll love this book, and you should read no further and just buy it right away. If you think before you follow, or you're not among Kiernan's blog-fanclub folks who wrote most of the rest of these reviews (at her request, according to her forum), read on.


Clearly, I should have kept my big mouth shut about the Fangoria review as I have now poked with a pointy stick a great sleeping moron of a beast. This is what I get for talking back. Hey, I guess he showed me, hunh? The anonyms can resort to personal attacks on me and my readers at the same time. They're goddamn ambidextrous.


Though I did find this bit rather disturbing: When a main character's about to jump off a bridge and you catch yourself thinking "Good riddance" you know something's amiss. Could anyone really be that big an asshole, that they could actually respond to Niki's suicide with relief? Or is it just me that he hates, so he's taking it out on Niki? Either way, it makes me glad I have so little faith in humanity to start with. Then again, to the anonym, perhaps Niki is "only" a fictional character.

If you want to read the whole review, by "thebluegreensea" (who is almost certainly the same anonym as "Bookfiend") just go to the Murder of Angels page. I'd say this is a new low for Amazon.com "reviews" of my writing, but it isn't.

I'm supposed to be doing this thing for Marvel, aren't I? I'd rather be writing Daughter of Hounds.

Is there anything to relate about yetserday? Not really. Maybe later. I'm late, I'm late...
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