September 22nd, 2004


black lists

The Ellison nanobot had almost quieted down. I was only mildly angry all day yesterday. And then resonantserpent drew my attention to the fact that a London to Washington D.C. flight was diverted to Maine on Tuesday "when it was discovered that passenger Yusuf Islam — formerly known as singer Cat Stevens — was on a government watch list and barred from entering the country." You can read the whole story here. Well, not the whole story, but you know what I mean. The reason this thing about Yusuf Islam came up is that I listen to music while I write, even while I write in my blog. And yesterday morning I was listening to Cat Stevens' "Father and Son" while I wrote my entry, and on LiveJouranal there's a place to list music you might be listening to (sadly, Blogger lacks this feature). So, that's why I was alerted to the Transportation Security Administration and Homeland Security Department's harassment of Yusuf Islam.

Is there even any point in saying that this makes me sick? That it's one more thing that makes me ashamed that I'm an American citizen? That Canada, The Netherlands, and New Zealand are looking better every frelling day? This man, who publicly condemned the actions of the 9/11 terrorists and has spent his life working for peace, was denied entry into the United States and treated like a criminal because he is a Muslim who has spoken out against our invasion of Iraq. Following 9/11, Islam made the following statement: "No right thinking follower of Islam could possibly condone such an action: The Quran equates the murder of one innocent person with the murder of the whole of humanity." But I suppose that's not good enough for the Bush Administration.

Are "we" really going to allow this thuggery to go on for another four years? My fear is that "we" will, that "we" will ask it in again, because most of America has no problem with the DHS equating Yusuf Islam with Osama Bin Laden, simply because both men are Muslim. Does this mean no one can ever again question my equating George Bush with Adolf Hitler, since both chose Christianity as their faith? Of course, the truth is that Islam would not have been turned away on Tuesday if he'd never spoken out against our actions in Iraq. That's what has made him an enemy of the State (which should not ever be confused as being an enemy of America). Is this "watch list" public? Can I see it? Because I'd really like to know if my name's on it, and if it's not, I'd like to demand that it be placed there. I am surely an enemy of this fascist administration and can't imagine it wants me sullying its sacred fucking ground with my infidel's feet.

So, this morning, I'm listening to Cat Stevens again and hating George Bush just that much more.

Meanwhile...if I can calm the bot for a few moments...

Yesterday, I made good on my vow and wrote 1,101 words on "Bradbury Weather." It's on track again, and I am greatly relieved to be able to say that. Hopefully I'll do as well again today. I feel like a person again. When I am not working, I feel like a dried up lump of yellow Play-Doh.

Maureen McCarty, whom I first met at Dragon*Con two years ago, is customizing a set of Doc Marten boots for the big CBLDF (Comic Book Legal Defence Fund) auction being held at Fiddler's Green in November. There will be a pair of Docs for each of the Endless. At Dragon*Con, she asked me to model Desire's, which I did:

More and better photos will be available later. The boots are a lovely deep red with gold chains and hearts. I'd love to own them myself. My own contribution to the auction will be an Endless charm bracelet that I'm making (yes, with my very own hands).

And speaking of auctions, today we are beginning the big auction to buy Spooky's plane ticket to Fiddler's Green. Click here to see what we're offering. If you don't see it, just ask. And if it's within your budget, I ask that you please make use of the Buy-It-Now feature. This wouldn't be necessary, of course, if publishers could be bothered to pay working writers advances and royalties that are commensurate with the work that they do (there's the bot again). Your assistance in this matter will be much appreciated.

By the way, if anyone feels motivated to send me pro-Bush, anti-Yusuf Islam, pro-war in Iraq hate mail, please address it to I never, ever read that account anymore, so I'll not be bothered by the noise.
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