August 26th, 2004


service my fur

Yesterday...gods. The sort of day when resolve and the best of intentions are rendered irrelevant by the force of distraction. Which is to say, nothing was written on "Bradbury Weather." And having left the piece where I did has made me a bit nervous. It's one thing to get fed up with a story and need some time away from it. It's another entirely to have the process interrupted this way. So, most of today will be spent getting back into "Bradbury Weather."

But, though messy, yesterday was not an entirely unproductive day. I had another meeting with Marvel, which was very promising, encouraging, but we're a ways from the point where I can publically say what's brewing. Be patient. Elsewise, we worked on The Dry Salvages frelling again. Bill Schaefer sent a pdf. of the latest layout, and I thought it'd be a simple matter of checking to be sure all my changes had been made. Turns out, though, I must have been about half-tinked when I did the very last bit of editing a couple of weeks ago, because there were a bunch of small, line-edit type changes that I'd made but somehow not sent to subpress. Grrrrrr. So, I bitched and moaned and cursed myself until Spooky finally made me leave the office so she could clean up the mess herself. Which she did, because she rocks. Today, we mail the line edits back, and then I suppose I'll need to look at another "final" version of the layout. I really hate it when something is so undoubtedly my fault.

Have a look at The Adventures of Boschen and Nesuko by setsuled (yep, the same Setsuled who is also known as Leh'agvoi and draws the Nar'eth manga). If only I had pointy ears, purple hair, and a longsword (sigh).

I have the feeling I haven't said what I meant to say this morning, or that I've said it all poorly. Ah, well. If more comes to mind later on, I shall erect an addendum in honour of my fallen memory. Meanwhile, the HUGE eBay sale continues...
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To me, this is beautiful.

Addendum: I remembered one of the things I was pretty sure that I'd forgotten. This comes from an interview with Guillermo del Toro, by way of blu_muse, and is his response when asked how often he hears questions like "Why actively put horror into the world? Isn't there enough already":

GdT: Very rarely, but I had to hear that for years from my family, especially my grandmother, whom I grew up with. She was on her deathbed, and I was showing her my portfolio of makeup effects and she said, 'Why were you never able to do something beautiful?' I said to her, 'To me, this is beautiful.' I think it's a very simple question and people have the right to ask it, but the answer is equally simple: Art is a reconstruction of the world, and violence and horror are absolutely as much part of the world as butterflies and happy faces. There are so many more people trying to sell us the bullshit that the world has to be happy and the world has to be sunny, and you have to have good breath and shiny hair. With this, we lose touch with imperfection and that makes for a really harsh, cold measure to live by. I think horror makes us human, because it reminds us of our imperfection.

That part about beauty really got me. I think, a lot of times, people look at my writing and see only "scary," not understanding the complexity of "horror," which, of course, must include "beauty." Narcissa Snow is a good example. I wrote her to be terrible, broken, insane, misguided, sadistic, monstrous, and so forth, but always, always beautiful in a senese far beyond and more profound than any simplistic concept of physical beauty (though, ironically, she has that, too).

Go write, Caitlín. Leave the people alone.
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