August 25th, 2004


nausea, ennui, and sinus pain

I've had to spend years training myself not to apologize for every possible transgression. So, I am not apologizing for the tone and/or content of yesterday's entry, despite my instincts to do so.

Yesterday, I spent about three hours on "Bradbury Weather," wrote (and rewrote, and re-rewrote) a mere 527 words, and finally conceded that the sinus trouble had me entirely too ill and distracted to concentrate. I think I feel a little better today, so, hopefully, it'll go better. I can't be sick right now, because there's just not time. There would have been time a month ago, but not now.

A pdf. from Subterranean Press just reached me, the new layout for the revised text of The Dry Salvages. That has to be proofed today, so I'm not sure if there will be time to get to "Bradbury Weather" again until tomorrow. Frustrating, but my fault for finding so much wrong with the Dry Salvages ARC. No, my fault for not having gotten it all right in the first frelling place.

(slightly off-topic posthumanist sentiment: I am, at this moment, even more sick than usual of the meatsack in which my consciousness is imprisoned. No, I mean really sick of it. Puking, self-amputation, self-flaying sick of it...Okay. There. I feel a little better now.)

What was I saying? What was I going to say?

Oh, yeah, A special today, in the HUGE eBay sale. For the next twenty-four hours, until 11:32 a.m. EST tomorrow morning (August 26th), postage is FREE on both From Weird and Distant Shores and In the Garden of Poisonous Flowers if you use eBay's "Buy It Now" feature and pay with PayPal. That's right. We'll pay the postage if you buy either, or both. But only until this time tomorrow morning. Plus, of course, you also get the free Nyarlathotep CD!

Oh, and here's a spiffy site that a reader was kind enough to direct me towards. I now extend the favour to all of you: You'll want to thank me, but really, it's not necessary; my heart fairly bleeds altruism.
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Totally frelling drad!

Addendum: The new longer trailer (1:54 minutes) for Farscape: The Peacekeeper Wars is now online at Apple (of course). It's exquisite.

This made my day suck 150% less.

Also, I'm extremely excited by the news of a Uranus-sized rocky planet found circling mu Arae.

And, of course, I shall remind you that we're in the middle of the postage-free if you "Buy-It-Now-With-PayPal" eBay sale on From Weird and Distant Shores and/or In the Garden of Poisonous Flowers. Take advantage of my generosity. It's a rare thing...
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