August 22nd, 2004


Sophie fears the green water pistol

After several nights of not sleeping well at all, nights when the nightmares were so loud and clear the sleep I got seemed inconsequential, I resorted to Ambien. I'm more rested this morning, but a little groggy. The dreams left me alone until well after sunrise. That was a relief. Last night, I played more Crimson Skies (I flew through the volcano, destroyed the Die Spinne bases, saw that Maria tralk get what she had coming, then headed back to Chicago to try and stop the huge, weather-altering zep), then we watched Clerks on IFC. Silent Bob still rocks my world.

Yesterday, I wrote 1,193 words on "Bradbury Weather" (the total now at 2,886). I hope to do another 1,000+ words today. I'm liking this story, much more than the frustrating "The Pearl Diver," but it's in first person (again), and I am vexed by my inability to suspend my own disbelief. In The Dry Salvages, I like to think I managed to set out a template for defusing the inherent weakness of f-p past tense. But. I can't turn around and use all those same tricks again in "Bradbury Weather." As they say, that shark's been jumped, that cow's been flung. I have to find another way of effectively conveying that this story is an artefact, of explaining its existence. It matters not to me how comfortable others are with first person. I have to buy this if I'm to find a way to THE END. Regardless, it's good to be writing again. Oh, and I need to find a mechanism to explain the absence of men on a colonized Mars.

Also, yesterday, I updated iTunes (to 4.6) and Quicktime (to 6.5.1). Woo hoo.

Dragon*Con is now a scant two weeks away, and Spooky and I are trying to attend to all the little odds and ends of our costumes. I still need a hoslter for the pulse pistol, and there's a little more to be done on my gauntlets. Spooky's working on her make-up, which, unlike me, she's doing for herself, and we both have to get our wigs done on September 1st. Of course, sadly, Dragon*Con is not only about costuming. I also have to decide what I'll be reading on Sunday (Sept. 5th) and give a few of the panel topics some thought. This will be my eleventh consecutive Dragon*Con.

Thanks to everyone whose taken part of the HUGE eBay auction thus far. Remember to let us know exactly how you want your books inscribed.

I think Jennifer's going to see Kill Bill Vols. 1 and 2 at The Fox tonight. I really wanted to go. I haven't seen a single movie at The Fox all frelling summer, and this is the last of the season. But there's writing to do. *sigh*
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