August 21st, 2004


two girls on a moth

Yesterday, I did 857 words on "Bradbury Weather" and thoroughly rewrote the pages I did on Thursday. That brings the total up to 1,669 words thus far; I expect this to be a long story. Yesterday, it required me to spend some considerable time researching Spanish profanity, specifically from Panama and Puerto Rico. Oh, and I got an e-mail from Bill Schafer at subpress threatening my life if I dared to change the title, so I guess that I shan't, as Spooky is rather fond of my life. I will try to do a solid thousand words on the story today.

It's a peculiar piece, a little Raymond Chandler, a little Zane Grey, a little Philip K. Dick.

Did I mention Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends on the Cartoon Network? It's my new favorite television show, after Farscape. I think I have a crush on Frankie. It wouldn't be my first cartoon crush.

Last night, Spooky, Jennifer, and I watched Hellboy on DVD (I saw it at the theatre, loved it, and have been waiting on the DVD to see it again). This DVD contains one of the absolute best "making of" documentaries I've ever seen, as well as a few missing deleted scenes and such. But the documentary was great. Afterwards, I played a couple hours of Crimson Skies (I have reached South America, after that Maria tralk betrayed me), but managed to get to sleep at the relatively reasonable hour of (roughly) 3 a.m. I woke to The Rebirth of Mothra. Jesus, Moll and Lara freak me out. If only they wouldn't sing.

Don't forget the HUGE eBay auction, now in progress. And because Saturdays are slow and every book we sell is one less book we have to move to the new place, from now until midnight tonight (midnight Pacific, 3 a.m. EST), every "Buy It Now" purchase will get you the free Nyarlathotep CD plus a free monster doodle.

And now I should go. Brush my teeth. Exercise. Write. You know the drill.
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