August 10th, 2004


thoughts from a groggy mind

Yesterday was filled with distractions, and I kept saying, "Okay, well, I'll do this one last thing, and then I'll go finish up with The Dry Salvages." But, by about 4:30 p.m., the obvious futility of my situation had become...well, obvious. So, the revisions were put off again, until, I hope, today. And most of the dren from yesterday isn't even notable, though I will mention that the contracts for Daughter of Hounds arrived.

I think this is going to be a short post. I just don't seem to have it in me this morning.

I have been suffering from a most profound and disconcerting intertia.

Last night, Spooky and I watched two eps from Season Four of Farscape, "Kansas" and "Terra Firma." It was cool seeing them back to back that way, and I think these aliens-on-Earth episodes are two of the series' best. Anyway, on disc two of Volume 4.3, under the extras, you can see the original make-up tests for Virginia Hey (as a very different looking Zhaan), Anthony Simcoe, and Gigi Edgley. We see a somewhat different direction that Chiana might have taken. Here's a still from the test (I found it online):

It would have been interesting if they'd gone with this concept. Certainly, Chi would have been a bit less cute and a lot more intimidating. And I'd have had to have dental prosthetics made.

Afterwards, Spooky fell asleep, and I puttered about Morrowind for a time (about two hours, I think). I mostly just ran around in the wilderness, killing giant rats and nix hounds. I eventually wound up paying some fekkik to let me ride his silt strider to Balmora, where I joined the Fighters Guild. Now they want me to clean a bunch of rats out of a cave. How much longer do I have to play before I've justified the $6.73 rental fee? Another ten hours, I figure. Yesterday, in a comment to the entry before last, setsuled wrote, in what I think is a spot-on criticism of the game:

I've been thinking about this and I realised that, even though I've been playing Morrowind for years shall likely continue to, I kind of hate it. It's the only game I've played that truly creates a world, but sometimes I'll be running around in a city or something, and an eerie feeling of being utterly alone comes over me. And I feel curiously mad at Bethesda for stranding me on this world of dead things.

I have to brush my not-pointy teeth now.
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