July 27th, 2004


An August of Cows

This morning, I know what happens when one mixes two brands of sake with two different pharmaceuticals. It's not so bad as I expected, but I am a little...mushy.

Jennifer's celebratory dinner went off quite pleasantly. She got a little drunk, which is unusual for her, and the last I saw of her last night (last, last...grrrrr), she was managing a weird sort of dance/stumble down the hall towards her bedroom, singing "It's over. It's over. It's over." Here are a couple of photos from last night (Blog people need to click here to see them at the LJ version of the blog):

The clearly evil Jim Shimkus and the good Dr. Caudle herself (notice that her brain has grown so large she's having trouble keeping her glasses on).

Spooky's middle fingers, Jennifer "drink more sake" Lee, and the cute waiter guy I was actually trying to photograph.

God, I look like a goof when I smile.

There is no picture of Byron, because he's a shy boy.

I've got so much to do today my head is spinning. Five important e-mails. The final read-through on "The Pearl Diver" (no, I didn't do it yesterday). Monster doodles that have to be drawn for completed eBay auctions. And we're supposed to go to my mother's in Birmingham tomorrow, so I need to get ready for that, too.

The new contacts arrived yesterday. Spooky and I managed to score two pairs off one eye-exam, so I feel we got the upper hand on the Eyeball Nazis after all. And there's good news, especially for those who will be attending my September 5th reading at Dragon*Con. I can actually see through these lenses! It has something to do with them having a wider clear aperture at the center of all that black.

We got an e-mail from Spooky's dad yesterday. He's an anthropologist at the University of Rhode Island, specializing in fisheries, and he's just arrived in Vietnam (he's spent a great deal of time doing research in southeast Asia and Malaysia). Apparently, he had a very harrowing motorbike ride through the streets of Hanoi yesterday.

Thanks to docbrite for the kind words about The Dry Salvages in her blog yesterday. I was very pleased with her assessment of the novella as a "pure-D ripping good space yarn."

Lastly, please check out the current eBay auctions. We're going to try to get more stuff up this week, including hardbacks of Waycross and Trilobite: The Writing of Threshold. Every "buy it now" purchase earns one monster doodle!
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my stomach hurts

I talked with my editor at Penguin a few hours ago and learned that I should have a couple of copies of Murder of Angels, "hot off the presses," by Thursday. I don't think I'm ready for this. It's like having to attend the high-school graduation of a kid to whom you almost died giving birth. Well, I couldn't actually know that it's like that, having never given birth to a biological child, much less attended said child's graduation, but maybe the simile works anyway. I'll have copies of the book at Dragon*Con. And the release date is September 7th, I think. Wow.

Spooky's talked about doing dolls based on various of my characters for a couple of years now, but I think she's really going to make a couple soon. She's considering doing a Dancy doll first, and then a Narcissa Snow doll. If this happens, we'll probably have one to show at Dragon*Con and take orders. Or something like that.

"The Pearl Diver" has finally left my hands and gone to the editor of FutureShocks. I spent a sizable chunk of the day on it. The final word count was 6,732 words.

And here's a link to the website for M. Night Shyamalan's The Village, because I was asked to provide it. I can only hope the film creeps me out half as much as the trailer and website has.
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