June 21st, 2004



So, today I really do have to go frelling shopping, having put it off almost as long as I can. At least there will no weekend crowds.

I hope that there will be time tomorrow to proof "Night Story, 1973." And I'm also hoping that its inclusion in The Last Pentacle of the Sun leads to a few people picking up the book, people who might not have picked it up otherwise. After all, this story, co-written by me and Poppy, and concerning Ghost's childhood, has only previously been published in the sold-out From Weird and Distant Shores.

The brown thrasher (Toxostoma rufum) who built her nest outside our bedroom window now has newly hatched nestlings. Which seems appropriate for the first day of summer. Though, truthfully, I count the first day of summer from the beginning of June, following my childhood calendar of summer vacations.

My thanks to Matt Williams for an amusing e-mail this morning. He writes (of the blog/LJ):

Thanks for providing me with something to read while I should be working; the obvious suffering that you endure for your art makes me feel almost guilty about thanking you for the books.

As well you should, Matt. At last, someone who understands!

Last night, right about 3 a.m., Spooky and I finished up The Chronicles of Riddick: Escape from Butcher Bay. Wow. What a totally drad game. This is what games should be. The story was not an afterthought, but the main attraction. Indeed, there's more story here than in Peter Chung's Dark Fury. I cannot recommend this game strongly enough. But always rent before you buy, as your tastes may differ from mine, and I'd hate to be responsible for someone spending $50 on a game they wind up hating. It took us about 21 hours to play, which is fair enough. Thanks again to Greg, for such a fine and lingering -0th birthday present, and to the phorum gang for giving me the XBox.

Only a couple of days remaining until we leave for Kingston (and Saunderstown, and Providence, and Boston, and NYC, and Cape Ann, and all those other destinations). I wish I traveled better.

If I stop writing and end this entry, I have to go brush my teeth, and exercise, and get dressed, and go out into the sun to buy frelling clothes. Would that I could think of about ten thousand more words worth putting down here this morning...
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Addendum: Jesus frelling Christ, I hate the frelling mall. What viler institution has mankind ever devised to inflict upon itself (well, there's football...and Kid Rock...but still)? Ugh. Feh. Blegh. If I am very lucky, I'll have no reason to enter a shopping mall again for at least another six long months. At least. I'd forgotten how frustrating it can be to buy very simple, stylish clothes. Especially in this age of what Spooky refers to as the Britney Spears Whore Child. Really, I sat on a bench watching them, the people, marching back and forth, back and forth, consuming, and I marveled at how most of the men were dressed like little boys and most of the women were dressed like hookers. I saw women wearing articles of "clothing" that simply defied description. I know I'm asking for too much, hoping that I'll live to see the great NeoVictorian-steampunk fashion revolution of 2078, with its somaform corsetry and mood-regulating shirtwaists, but for fek's sake, can't people do just a little better than this? Were I still a human, I'd be ashamed, instead of merely annoyed and nauseated. I feel as though I should wash my eyeballs, but that always gives me such a headache.

Anyway, that's done. Over. History. We also stopped by the depot on Peachtree Street and picked up our tickets, so we won't have to frell about with that come Wednesday evening. Atlanta has a nice train station, very much better than Birmingham's. In fact, it's possibly the most pleasant place I've been since we moved to Atlanta, and gives me the same comfort I used to get from the Southern History Dept. of the old Birmingham Public Library — age and dignity and substance. I think the best part about the trip is that I will get large doses of all three of those things. You only need know where to look.

Gods, my brain's still all boggy and nervous from the mall.

It's starting to look as though my reading at Dragon*Con will be Sunday afternoon at 5:30 (September 5th). I'd have preferred Saturday, but apparently that wasn't an option. I requested a larger room this year, because the readings have been packed wall to wall the last two years, and at least I got that, so I really shouldn't argue. It's just that by Sunday I'll be Nar'eth, and the last time I let her do a reading...well, the less said the better.

I'll arrange for handlers. And I least I shan't be the only Nebari...
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