June 17th, 2004


the better part of valor

It's best if we just forget about that last entry. But it did serve to remind me why I think some emotions and situations should be dealt with privately. This is a reaffirmation of my antiquated sentiment. Some of the personal and societal walls that Blogger and LJ entice us to tear down are there for a reason, and I believe that I shall remain behind mine from here on, as much as possible. I have my little black book for the things I shouldn't say here, for all that unsightly wallowing, and it's a jealous little black book.

Moving along...

If we're really leaving here for Rhode Island on Tuesday evening, Spooky and I have a nightmarish lot of dren to get done today and over the next four days. All those things that get done before long, long trips. Dry cleaning. Packing. Buying a few new clothes. All the stuff from the drug store. A hundred other things that I can't think of because I'm no good at thinking about these sort of things. When it comes to travel, I rely on someone else to point me and push. Push hard. I have a hair and eyebrow appointment at 2:45 this afternoon, and then at least that will be out of the way.

Yesterday, we picked up a copy of Peter Chung's The Chronicles of Riddick: Dark Fury anime. Very cool and a steal at $12.99 (which is what I think we paid for it). It does a good job of filling in some of the space between Pitch Black and the new film, and it was nice to see (or at least hear) Rhiana Griffith reprise her role as Jack.

I reread Giger's Alien yesterday, and there's a nice bit of public bitterness over the inevitable conflicts between art and commerce.

The very last of the Murder of Angels ARC auctions has entered its final 24 hours. There are some notable differences between this version of the book and that which will be published in September, as I did more rewriting in the first-pass galleys than I usually do. Good luck, should you choose to bid.

I'll make another entry later today. Now I have to get dressed and consider stepping out into the heat and light and the cluttered world of human beings.
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I am now half blonde. These genetic modifications aren't as painful as I expected; a few more and maybe I'll pass for human. I'll post a picture tomorrow.

Day before yesterday, during a thunderstorm, we had a tree in the courtyard come down. The eastward half of it split and fell, possibly after a lightning strike, possibly just from the wind. Though it came down on the passageway connecting the 1914 section of the building with the 1940's section, no windows were broken. We don't yet know whether there's structural damage under all that fallen leafiness. Here are a couple of photos Spooky took yesterday afternoon:

Fallen and damaged trees tend to upset me a great deal. The building can be mended, but that tree's probably forty or fifty years old (and we need the shade). We don't yet know if the remaining portion will have to be cut down. I think those two potting tables are history, though.

Having eaten far too much spaghetti for dinner, I shall now go curl up in a dark place and digest.
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