May 21st, 2004


the blandest wheel gets the grease

Okay, just let me take a moment to be ever so slightly indignant. It'll be short, I promise. Yes, it's true. Enterprise has been saved from a well-deserved, long over-due cancellation, but anyone who thinks this salvation it had anything to do with "a massive fan campaign organized on the Internet" (Gods, it annoys me how journalists capitalize "internet") needs to get a clue. This is just some not-so-inexplicable corporate hanky-panky. And it pisses me off (so I guess we've passed "slightly indignant" here) that we've just lost Angel (not great television, but light years superior to Enterprise), and that a genuine massive fan campaign organized on the internet (thank you very goddamn much) couldn't win a fifth season of Farscape, but the Star Trek franchise is rescued for the sole reason that the cancellation would devalue a formerly lucrative franchise that might someday be lucrative again. Of course, now that UPN has abandoned the series to its Friday night wasteland (wait; there's no part of UPN that isn't a wasteland), it's pretty much a given we won't see more than another season of Cap'n Archer and his stiffly acted, poorly lit crew. I expect an announcement that the show will be wrapping up this season. That way, there's no stigma of cancellation attached to the franchise, but the network can still dump this turkey. Don't get me wrong. I actually like Star Trek, quite a lot, which is one reason I want to see Enterprise boldly go.

Moving on...

Yesterday, I wrote 1,066 words on "Alabaster." And they're 1,066 words that I really like, though they came with considerable difficulty. It's only a scene in a restroom, where Dancy Flammarion gets an unnerving glimpse of her adult self. But for me, it's sort of a bridge to Daughter of Hounds (which will include Dancy, by the way). The story now stands at 2,958 words. May I do as well today, and earn a good Kid Night.

Let's see. What else. The ARCs for The Dry Salvages are about to go out to reviewers. But mostly, I wrote. Which is good.

Spooky bought a spiffy Canon PowerShot A75, and she's been clicking pix of everything in sight. It's hard to tell which of us is worse when it comes to geeky tech toys. Below is the very first (rather dark) photo she took of me with said camera (sitting in my office, trying not to be distracted and being distracted anyway):

Do I look happy or what? No doubt, I'll post a few more later today. We mostly got the camera to help me gather background on Providence for Daughter of Hounds, but I'm sure it will serve many other useful purposes.

Last night, we watched two more eps of The Sopranos. And fell asleep to Blade Runner. Woo hoo!

Llar'en kindly added the big ass clock thingy to the top of the blog (you LJ people don't have to look at it; you get that sexy new Illeria icon instead). I know it isn't pretty, and it's messing with the animation on the Farscape banner, but don't worry. It'll be gone in another 4 days, 12 hours, 9 minutes, and 33 seconds.
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en déshabillé

Addendum: Here are a couple more pix from the spiffy new camera. Me at bedtime last night (this morning), trying to write in my other journal, and Spooky definitely thinks that when I'm writing is the proper time to take my picture.

Gagh. I think I'm at one of those annoying, disorienting points where the chemicals I consume to help me block out the distractions, that help me focus and get the work done, begin to work against me. And so I have to shorten the leash, for a while.
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