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La Soglia

I know it's Saturday, but another part of my mind keeps insisting it's Sunday, and another part refuses to believe I have any idea what day of the week it is. The part that knows it's Saturday keeps pointing to the calendar and my day planner, but the part that thinks it's Sunday and the entirely uncertain part retaliates with accusations. We always knew you were a goddamn whore for authoritarianism, they say, speaking in perfect unison. And I would argue, but I'm not presently in the mood to argue. The three of us will simply have to table this matter until tomorrow, when we can debate whether or not it's Sunday or Saturday or whether we should admit we have no idea what day of the week it is. We are at least unanimous in our tripartite conviction that any particular conclusion as to days of the week is of only very little consequence.

Yesterday's post brought my comp copies of Weird Shadows Over Innsmouth (ed. Steve Jones, Fedogan and Bremer). The anthology includes a story I wrote in November 2001, "From Cabinet 34, Drawer 6." It's probably the first bit of my writing that was chronicled in this journal (though you'll have to go to Blogger to go that far back), and it was mentioned prominently in the preface of To Charles Fort, With Love. It's the story that set me to looking for the location of Innsmouth and led to my day at Crane Beach (Mass.) in the summer of 2004. It's a story wherein I allowed myself to play with many of my favourite things: paleontology, Lovecraft, old monster movies, books and letters which were never written, geology, ichthyology. And it's a handsome anthology and also includes stories by Kim Newman, Ramsey Campbell, Michael Marshall Smith, and others, with art by Bob Eggleton (cover) and Randy Broecker, Les Edwards, and Allan Servoss (interiors). There are also excerpts from a discarded draft of "The Shadow Over Innsmouth." Very drad. But it's strange, reading this previously unpublished story I wrote more than four years ago. I'd just finished "The Well of Stars and Shadow" and was about to begin Low Red Moon.

Also, I heard from my Italian publisher yesterday. Gargoyle Books will be releasing the Italian translation of Threshold in two weeks as La Soglia: Una Storia Dalla Notte Dei Tempi. I am very pleased with the cover (and need to try and identify the trilobite they've used):

Also also, To Charles Fort, With Love was selected for Locus magazine's recommended reading list for 2005. And a quick congratulations to the winner of the letter Z auction, which ended yesterday. We're not yet sure which letter will be offered next.

Thursday evening, Spooky and I saw Underworld: Evolution (we had free passes). Looking back at older entries, I see that I described Underworld as "fun, but somewhat disappointing, even though all I'd wanted from this film was eye candy and action" (9/20/03). And on 5/29/04, after seeing the extended cut of the film on DVD, I wrote: "... it's a much better film with all this missing footage restored (forty-five minutes). It's not so much that missing scenes are put back, as scenes in the original are made longer, and, in the end, the effect is that the whole film has a bit more depth and clarity." Unfortunately, I don't think there are enough deleted scenes in the whole wide world to account for the dull mess that's Underworld: Evolution. The last thing I expected it to be was dull, but dull it was. I think the filmmakers tried to hide all the dull with very, very low lighting, but to no avail. I almost dozed. Last night, though, we rented Robert Schwentke's Flightplan, which was actually quite good. The director takes a lot of cues from Hitchcock, in all the right ways. Jodie Foster was well cast. We were pleased. My only complaint is that the title might have been more interesting and sounded less generic. Say, The 33rd Child. That would have been a better title, though I know sensible marketing never would have permitted it.

There's a new Boschen and Nesuko up. It makes me wish I had the time to write a new Nar'eth story. I keep wondering what happens after "Prophecy." Okay. That's everything on my checklist for Saturday (or Sunday or whatever). Time to pimp the platypus...
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